Master of Business Administration Faculty

Dr. David Bergner

Our Program Chair

Dr. David Bergner is Chair of Business Programs at Sofia. He is an energetic organizational leader, accomplished technologist, and passionate teacher with a strong commitment to his students. He has diverse experience in executive management, program and project management, management of scientific research, and technology research and development. During a thirty-year career at NASA, he contributed to the formulation and implementation of projects, research programs, and new initiatives in various areas, including Space Biology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Aeronautics, Knowledge Engineering, and Information Technology. He served as Chief of the Space Biosciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center.

At Sofia, Dr. Bergner teaches courses in Quantitative Methods, Operations Management, and Decision Science. His research interests include decision analysis, dialogue process modeling, organizational and team factors in data mining, and online decision support communities. His work lies at the intersection of decision-making, communication systems, and design thinking, building on research he conducted as a visiting scholar at the Stanford Center for Design Research.


  • Ph.D. in Management Science, Stanford University
  • M.S. in Engineering Economic Systems, Stanford University
  • Graduate Sociology in Work, Technology, Organization (36-semester units) San Jose State University
  • B.S in Applied Sciences, University of Louisville.


  • Innovation in Extraterrestrial Service Systems – a Challenge for Service Science (2010)
  • Reframing the Data Mining Process (2009)
  • A Strategy to Manage Human Health and Performance Risks for Space Flight (2008)
  • ConExSIR: A Dialogue-Based Framework of Design Team Thinking and Discovery (2006)
  • Dialogue Processes for Generating Decision Alternatives (2006)
  • Collaborative Reframing (2005)
  • Dialogue-Based metrics of Design Team Learning and Discovery (2005)
  • Dialogue-Acts in Conversations about Potential Events (2005)
  • From Decision Frames to Discovery Frames (2004)
  • Creative and Evaluative Processes in Conversations about Potential Events (2002)
  • Indexical Quality – a Task-Oriented Measure of Co-orientation Effectiveness of Collaboration Technologies (2002)

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