PhD of Transpersonal Psychology

PhD of Transpersonal Psychology

Meet Sofia's PhD of Transpersonal Psychology Faculty:

Jennifer Nagrath, Ph.D.

Rodger Broome, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

Brandon Thompson, PHDC

Robert Frager, PhD, co- founder of ITP (Sofia university)

Tian Xie 谢天, PhD.Sofia Adjunct Faculty

Vitor Jose F. Rodrigues, PhDSofia Adjunct Faculty

Guanghui Cui 崔光辉, PhDSofia Adjunct Faculty

Wei Wang, PhDSofia Adjunct Faculty

Leslie Wright, M.S.Adjunct Faculty

Jolie GutentagAdjunct Faculty

Dawn McGregorAdjunct Faculty

Courtney Williams, M.A.Adjunct Faculty

Carmelita OmranAdjunct Faculty

Kelly Yi, Ph.D., LPCore Faculty

Kundan Singh, Ph.D, MA, BScFormer Core now adjunct

Patty Hlava, Ph.D.Lead Core Faculty

Olivia Jenkins, Ph.D.Core Faculty

John Elfers, Ph.D, LMFTCore faculty

Renee Snow, Ph.D.Adjunct Faculty

Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D.Sofia Core Faculty, Professor

Angel Morgan, Ph.D.Sofia Core Faculty

Ted Esser, PhDCore Faculty

Robert Wood, PhD.Sofia Core Faculty, Chair-Transpersonal Studies

Simone M. DiMatteo, Ph.D.MBA Program Chair and Core Faculty

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PhD of Transpersonal Psychology

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