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EIDA Committee

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility

About EIDA

The Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Access (EIDA) Committee at Sofia University is dedicated to fostering a community where every individual feels seen, valued, and empowered in their unique and multifaceted identities. Transpersonal psychology encourages a holistic view of diversity, recognizing the spiritual, cultural, societal, and collective dimensions of identity. We strive to explore with care how dynamics of power and privilege are present in our interactions, and continuously seek ways to navigate and mitigate this in our shared spaces to reduce the harm that oppressive systems can perpetuate.

Our mission is to create a more inclusive and equitable environment that not only respects individual diversity but also understands and celebrates our differences and the dimensions of our shared humanity by promoting equal opportunities, ensuring accessibility, and supporting the full participation and success of all members of our academic community.

EIDA Survey

We welcome you to complete our Climate Survey in either English, Spanish, or Chinese.

2024 EIDA Climate Survey

  • Promoting Inclusivity: We strive to create an environment that celebrates and respects the unique contributions of every interconnected individual and works to create conditions that allow community members to feel that they belong and have a seat at the table.
  • Advancing Equal Opportunities: We are dedicated to identifying and dismantling barriers to equal access, ensuring that all members of our community have equitable opportunities for growth, advancement, and success.
  • Ensuring Accessibility: We commit to working towards a more universally accessible environment, both physically and digitally, ensuring that community members can participate in university life in a way that is considerate of varying levels of ability and access.
  • Educating and Raising Awareness: We provide educational resources, training programs, and forums for open dialogue that increase awareness of diversity issues and accessibility challenges and promote understanding throughout our university from a transpersonal perspective.
  • Empowering Marginalized Voices: We actively work to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups, make space to hear the interconnected experiences of those who are “othered,” invite traditionally disenfranchised people into decision-making processes, and recognize the strengths, power, wisdom and resilience of communities that have been stigmatized and erased.
  • Collaborating and Partnering: We seek collaboration with all university stakeholders, including departments, student organizations, and external partners, to better understand where we need to grow and enhance the impact of diversity, inclusion and accessibility initiatives.
  • Share Best Practices: We explore, research, and share evidence-based best practices and recommendations to guide various areas of the university in creating and maintaining an inclusive, diverse, and accessible environment, viewing these practices through a transpersonal lens that emphasizes interconnectedness.
  • Create Spaces for Dialogue: We facilitate open and respectful conversations, creating spaces for dialogue and discussion where diverse perspectives, including those related to accessibility and transpersonal experiences, are valued and heard.
  • Advise on Policy and Procedure: We offer recommendations to shape and revise university policies and procedures, ensuring alignment with our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Offer Resources and Education/Training: We provide accessible resources, educational materials, and training opportunities to enable individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible community.
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement: Provide a safer space for feedback and Reflection with an iterative mindset towards continuous improvement, both for ourselves as a committee and for the university as an evolving institution and community. We intend to create spaces where community members can share feedback and their experiences, both to act as compassionate witnesses and to inform where change and exploration are needed.

The EIDA Team

Adrian Eraslan (they/them) is a graduate of John F. Kennedy University’s Counseling Psychology program with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy. Adrian is passionate about the intersection of art and change, and about deconstructing internal and external oppressive barriers to building loving relationships with ourselves and others. They currently provide therapy services with Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health, an organization that focuses on providing culturally aware support, and is a Core Faculty Member in the MACP Department. As co-chair of the EIDA Committee, they hope to support the critical reflections and conversations necessary to create safer spaces for all identities. Adrian self-identifies as a trans fat queer neurodiverse person of color and also as unrepentantly weird.

EIDA Committee Co-Chair, MACP Core Faculty

Lin Zhang is dedicated to fostering connections and understanding among people through the power of stories. As the Assistant Director of Global College at Sofia University, Lin plays a crucial role in
creating an inclusive and diverse environment for students from all around the world. Education has always been a driving force in Lin's life, and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, which delves into the spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experiences. Lin's unique perspective and dedication to her academic pursuits have earned her a place on the EIDA Committee. As a member of this committee, she strives to bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together, fostering empathy, compassion, and a sense of interconnectedness. In her free time, Lin enjoys exploring diverse cultures through travel, immersing herself in the rich tapestry of global stories, and seeking heartfelt ways to connect with individuals.

EIDA Committee Co-Chair; Associate Director, Global College; PhD Student, Transpersonal Psychology

Candida Crasto is in the process of completing the MACP program at Sofia University and was recently selected to be one of the AAMFT Minority Fellows for 2023-2024. Candida has had the privilege of living and working in many countries and professional environments and deeply values the sharing and connection that happens when we break down the barriers which make us feel separate. As a part of the EIDA committee I hope to help create an environment where people can thrive as they take on the next phase of their careers and personal journeys. In my free time I enjoy laughing, playing, painting, and meeting new people.

EIDA Committee Student Associate, MACP Student


Committee meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


  • EIDA Open Information Session

           Date: 08.24.2023 | Presentation | Notes

  • Community of Practice Discussion: EIDA Climate Survey

           Date: 02.14.2024 | Presentation 

      We welcome you to complete our Climate Survey in either English, Spanish, or Chinese.

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