International Student Office

International Student Office

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About the international student office:

At the International Student Services Office, we specialize in advising international students by helping them understand and maintain their F-1 visa status.

Our International Student Services Office provides guidance on all matters relating to your F-1 status, including the following;

  • Applying for an initial F-1 visa
  • Transferring your SEVIS record from another school
  • Changing your current status (H1B, H4, L-1 etc) to F-1
  • Enrolling in a Full Course Load and maintaining your F-1 status
  • Authorizations for training and employment (CPT, OPT, STEM OPT)
  • Changes to your program end date on your I-20
  • Travelling abroad on a F-1 status
  • Applying for a vacation term
  • Applying for a Medical Reduced Course Load
  • Applying for a renewal of your expired F-1 visa
  • Reinstatement of a terminated SEVIS record


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International Student Handbook

¡Bienvenidos estudiantes!

En la Oficina de Servicios para Estudiantes Internacionales, nos especializamos en asesorar a estudiantes internacionales ayudándolos a comprender y mantener su estado de visa F-1. ¡Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a nuestros futuros estudiantes a comprender todos los detalles esenciales del proceso de admisión en la Universidad de Sofía!




I enrolled in Sofia University’s MSCS program for its rigorous curriculum in advanced computer science topics such as artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics, its Silicon Valley location, and its faculty’s technology industry experience. The course content turned out to be innovative and cutting edge, and the program exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend it!

Ankur Saxena

Alumnus, MS in Computer Science

Class of 2019

I’ve learned a lot of new things which can help me to improve my researching, writing, and analyzing skill set. As a result, I can become a better problem solver and more easily tackle complex projects. By earning a graduate degree from Sofia University, I continue to expand upon a wealth of knowledge, preparing myself for a life of constant learning.

Anjali Patel


Class of 2021

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International Student Office

International Students:

Interested in joining Sofia University? Scan this QR code to be taken directly to the Sofia University WeChat.