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Join us and discover why obtaining a degree from Sofia University will transform your life!


Sofia is internationally recognized as an academic leader in transformational research and teaching. Sofia cultivates leaders, fosters intellectual growth, provides professional development and enriches lives.


Sofia University is a passionate, dynamic learning community that fosters multiple ways of knowing. We are dedicated to academic excellence with a shared commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, cultural humility, ecological stewardship, and service to others. Our curricula focus in six areas of inquiry: the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and creative aspects of life.

Sofia 2.0 For 2016 and Beyond

Nestled in the heart of the now famous Silicon Valley, Sofia’s location in the San Francisco Bay area was most well known as the home of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Since 1975, our legacy school, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, has continued to be an international leader and pioneer in the areas of transpersonal research and transpersonal education. training clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.

Beginning July 2014, the university changed leadership, expanded her degree offering to incorporate fields relevant to the Silicon Valley, such as computer science, business and transformative education and moved to a designation as Sofia University FPC with a non-profit research arm under the name Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Sofia is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The Sofia Difference

The Sofia educational model offers students not only a solid intellectual foundation, but an extraordinary opportunity for deep transformational growth and personal experience of the subject matter. How does Sofia University accomplish this? The university builds upon its strong, whole-person psychological foundation to give students a greater understanding of the human condition. Through a well-planned blending of technology, science, business and the school’s 40 years of leadership in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, graduates can create a substantial, real-world impact. The result? Graduates become more effective and productive leaders of their organizations and can transfer their computer science and engineering knowledge into the burgeoning transformational technology and wellness fields.

The Four Schools of Learning


Beginning in 2015, Sofia officially expanded to four schools of learning: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, School of Technology and Engineering, School of Business and Leadership and the School of Transformative Education. By leveraging our legacy courses in transpersonal psychology, students in each of the new schools are provided an opportunity to expand their awareness and perspective in their subject areas by focusing on six core areas of inquiry: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and creative.

What We Offer

Sofia University offers a variety of innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs with a choice of delivery modalities for students on campus and abroad.

Statement of Value

  • We value the qualities of mindfulness, discernment, compassion, and appreciation of differences and we embrace whole-person education that supports personal and community transformation.
  • We value diversity and seek to impart knowledge and skills that empower people to live together in peace within multicultural communities.
  • We value the inherent unity of our world and seek to foster a sense of the interconnectedness of all beings. We encourage and promote service to local, national and international communities.
  • We value all of life and educate students in a way that treats all beings with respect and encourages living in harmony with all of nature.
  • We value consciousness and its evolution and engage in rigorous research that includes multiple ways of knowing.

Strategic Goals

It is time for our community to work together, connect to Silicon Valley, and partner with local and international associations and organizations. Transpersonal values and focus will benefit anyone. It is our goal to broaden the reach of our programs while deepening an understanding of transpersonal practices and perspectives through research. The following four strategic goals are central to the way we are charting our future, particularly in relation to the three years addressed in this plan.

  • Academic Excellence & Student Success: Build and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence and creates a more unified educational experience for all students
  • Employee Success: Create a work culture of continuous process improvement and refinement to provide a more streamlined, efficient environment
  • Institutional Integrity, Transparency & Responsibility: Commitment to full accountability for our actions, striving to promote transparency on all levels through healthy lines of communication
  • Sustainability: Provide high-quality education to ensure the value of students' hard-earned degree in conjunction with responsible and ethically managed spending for financial stability

To implement these strategic goals, we take the following immediate two actions:

  • Stabilization & Growth: Develop diversified, steady, and sustainable growth of our student body.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Streamline data-driven decision-making and develop effective management strategies.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

All programs at Sofia University fulfill the following Goals and Learning Objectives:

Goal I: Transformation (person-centered)

  • Objective A: Personal development toward wisdom, health, wholeness and maturation
  • Objective B: Facilitation of the manifestation of your unique potential
  • Objective C: Whole-person education across the 7 pillars*

Goal II: Integration (learning-centered)

  • Objective A: Blending of theory and praxis
  • Objective B: Holding and sharing of multiple ways of knowing
  • Objective C: The essence of vigorous, disciplined scholarship

Goal III: Application (praxis-centered)

  • Objective A: Professional training
  • Objective B: Hands-on execution of vision
  • Objective C: Community engagement, service, and stewardship

Non-Discrimination Policy Sofia University offers admission to students of any race, sexual orientation, gender expression, national and ethnic origin. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender expression, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, loan programs, and other school-administered programs.