Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A)

Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A)

Dream Big & Achieve: A Life Changing Transpersonal Business Education The program is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, and transpersonal perspective necessary to start or grow a career.

Course overview:

Program Details:

We are currently accepting applications for the DBA. It was launched in 2024!

This DBA provides continual immersion in an integrated program designed for business leaders interested in engaging academic methods to solve real-world problems.  The student experiences include academic rigor, leadership assessment, self-reflection and growth, and a global lens for solving some of the world’s thorniest problems.

Students graduate with a DBA, a research-based complex project, a Leadership Plan, and a broad network of diverse colleagues and leaders to continue to support innovation and transformation in the global community. 

We invite you to bring your global project to a learning cohort and create creative solutions through research-based courses and mentoring from business leaders and professors steeped in transpersonal psychology and business.

Leadership in complex times requires more than a spreadsheet or project timeline. Adaptive solutions for global opportunities are critical.  Successful implementation demands the whole person. 

Course Information (Domestic):

At-a-glance information about this course for your convenience:

Summer Start Date:
July 1 , 2024
Fall Start Date:
September 30, 2024
Winter Start Date:
January 13, 2025
Spring Start Date:
April 7, 2025
Program Length:
The DBA is a full-time three-year program. Students are enrolled in a Learning Community for the DBA program.
Total Number of Units:
54 credits
Estimated Total Cost:
Students will take one online fully asynchronous course with faculty and students. Students will also take one course in a hybrid residential format at either Costa Mesa or Palo Alto for 6 hours, three times a term. Students will also take a zero-credit Business Integration Practicum (BIP) to deepen the academic work and ensure compliance with CPT requirements.
Palo Alto, California campus located in Silicon Valley, or Costa Mesa campus located 25 minutes from Los Angeles
Admissions Requirements:
Click here to see admissions requirements

Key Program Highlights:

Based in an institution with a legacy of transpersonal psychology education, the DBA experience supports meaningful change and transformation through the practical application of business fundamentals, ongoing leadership assessment, self-reflection and growth, and extensive personal development.


You design, develop, and deepen your unique leadership skills over three years in a Learning Community with business leaders.

Solve Complex Challenges

You address a complex global business challenge through academic research, relevant and practical pilots, and meaningful pivots.


Join leaders who have been making meaningful changes for 50+ years. The Learning Community of scholars and practitioners is served by your participation.  This established, trusted, and vital network continues after the DBA is completed. 

Presentation & Publication Opportunities

Students engage in the Global Business Congress in the final term of the third year and present their research-based Global Project including viable and innovative adaptive solutions and their Leadership Plan for the Future, ensuring that the changes and transformation outlined in the Project remain sustainable.   During the three years, the development of the project and the required change leadership are supported by opportunities to present at conferences and summits and publish findings through the Sofia Foundation.

Inclusive Scheduling

Advance your career with a program that accommodates your full-time job, family commitments, or other demands. We designed our flexible DBA with you in mind which is why our courses are offered in a Learning Community and in both on-line and face-to-face formats to accommodate all learning preferences.


Sofia is accredited by the nation’s premier regional accreditation body for higher education, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Qualified Educators

The Sofia University DBA Professors are passionate thought leaders dedicated to bringing their business expertise, innovation and transpersonal knowledge to the forefront of the DBA program through the courses and the final Business Congress.  You will find support for your project and leadership development as well as on-going peer mentoring throughout the DBA.

Learning Outcomes:

Here’s what you can expect to walk away from this program with…


Developing business leaders interested in engaging academic methods to solve real-world complex problems. Complex global business issues are a daily challenge for leaders. Often, there is not one perfect answer, but rather, several partially right responses.

Leaders as Change Makers

Supporting business leaders willing to apply rigor in developing a leadership development plan for the ongoing sustainability of significant global change initiatives. This unique DBA program prepares you to be an agent of change, grounded in self-awareness, ethical practices, and emotions intelligence.  Not only can you engage with ambiguity, you design practical, research-based solutions.

Life-long Learning

Leaders benefit significantly from life-long learning  in a focused community of scholars and practitioners. 

Career Paths:

Pick the path that speaks to your journey – both personally and professionally.

General Concentration

Possible Career Outcomes Include:

  • Executive Business Leadership
  • Global Team and Project Leadership
  • Professor in Global Business
  • Coach and Mentor of Global Business Leaders
  • Executive Global Business Strategist & Policy Analyst


To receive a Doctorate in Business Administration degree, a total of 54 units are required for graduation. There would be two courses each 10 weeks covering 2 credit courses with 2 hours synchronous
engagement and 3 credit courses with 3 hours of synchronous engagement.

The following are the specific degree requirements for the Domestic DBA:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sofia University offers a globally focused three-year, 54 credit doctorate in business administration, focused on co-creating the tools and knowledge needed for leadership n the future. In addition to more traditional business courses, peer mentoring, business advising, and global networking are integral to this unique program.  

Sofia University has a 50-year history of providing higher education in transpersonal psychology, this belief that the impossible is possible and that in fact, all humans have the right to flourish.  We believe that in a world of ambiguity, transpersonal psychology provides a meaningful pathway and supports transformation as well as incremental change. 

Positive psychology is a foundational element of this DBA, and this supports the student in focusing on what is working and build on this positive approach.  

Sofia provides this unique DBA through these value-added elements:  

  • Peer mentoring and business advising 
  • A learning cohort, and 
  • Applied research on a real-life and timely global challenge supported by a sustainable leadership development plan.   

The DBA is a full-time three-year program. Students are enrolled in a Learning Community for the DBA program and it is anticipated that this network will continue as students transition to alumni. 

54 credits.  In addition the 12 zero-credit Business Integration Program (BIP) supports the CPT process and provides further application of the business principles each term.  

$51,300 plus applicable fees.

In limited situations, up to 19 credits from a DBA program offered in a currently accredited U.S. based institution will be considered for transfer. The student must have attained a B or better for each transfer course considered. The consideration of transfer credits must take place during the admission process only. Potential students are however encouraged to take the fifty-four credit DBA program through Sofia University which utilizes an integrated approach for the coursework over the three years. Each course uniquely includes elements of transpersonal psychology, research on best and promising practices, and critical thinking.

No. Any relevant advanced degree (Master or Doctorate) is accepted. 

No. The DBA program is designed in a cohort format with specific required residency and completion dates. 

Yes. With the exception of the required scheduled residencies, all coursework will be conducted asynchronously online. 

Yes! Because this is terminal degree, you will receive a doctorate awarded upon successful completion of your studies.   

Individuals who successfully obtain the DBA degree possess and demonstrate high-level, deep understanding of advanced business knowledge and applied research skills. Such advanced understanding sets the stage and creates a clear path toward career advancement, differentiation, and sustainable change.

Term 1:

  • DBA6000 Critical Thinking and Business Communication (2)
  • DBA6040 The Entrepreneurial Mind and Transpersonal Psychology (3)
  • DBA5011 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 2:

  • DBA6010 Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Business Opportunities (3)
  • DBA6020 Methods of Leading Change (2)
  • DBA5012 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 3:

  • DBA6030 Mixed Methods Research for Business Opportunities (2)
  • DBA6050 Transpersonal Leadership and Action Research (3) (GPHD7210)
  • DBA5013 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 4:

  • DBA6020 Seminar: Business Challenges and Opportunities (3)
  • DBAC900 Directed Studies (1)
  • DBA5014 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 1:

  • DBA7000 Psychology of Organizational Transformation (3)
  • DBA7010 Globalization and Sustainability (2)
  • DBA5021 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 2:

  • DBA7020 Technology, Innovation and Creativity in Business (3)
  • DBA7030 Leadership and Ethics in the Global Economy (2)
  • DBA5022 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 3:

  • DBA7040 Leadership by Design (2)
  • DBA7050 Transformational Leadership in Organizations and Communities (3)
  • DBA5023 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 4:

  • DBA7060 Doctoral Project & Leadership Opportunities (3)
  • DBA6910 Directed Studies (1)
  • DBA5024 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 1:

  • DBA8100 Doctoral Project Proposal & Pitch (2)
  • DBA8200 Doctoral Project Leadership Plan (2)
  • DBA5031 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 2:

  • DBA8300 Doctoral Project Implementation (2)
  • DBA8400 Conflict and Innovation Lab (2)
  • DBA5032 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 3:

  • DBA8500 Doctoral Project Evaluation (2)
  • DBA8600 Leadership Plan for the Future (2)
  • DBA5033 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

Term 4:

  • DBA8700 The Business Congress & Leadership Engagement (4)
  • DBA5034 Business Integration Practicum (BIP) (0)

How do I apply?

We accept applications from prospective students on a rolling basis. We highly recommend you get your application in as early as possible so that your materials can be received and reviewed, and a slot reserved for you in the cohort. 

To apply for the program please click here to initiate your graduate application.

No. Application materials such as transcripts, etc. can be submitted to us as they are received. 

  • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities. Transcripts must be sent directly to:  registrar@sofia.edu If the official transcripts are not in English, a second copy of the transcript must be evaluated by an official translation agency and sent to our mailing address above. 
  • Official proof of degree: A copy of the original diploma is required if the degree is not posted on the official transcript 
  • Include a Curriculum Vita, listing your work and educational history as well as relevant volunteer or training experience.  
  • Statement of Purpose – document of no more than two pages outlining your objectives for pursuing the DBA degree program 
  • Three letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional sources. Sources should be those who can comment on your academic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and professional development. Examples of academic sources are teachers, academic advisors and/or career counselors. Examples of professional sources are work supervisors or associates. Letters of recommendation must come directly from your sources and may be either mailed in or emailed to admissions@sofia.edu. 
  • Your Business Pitch:   Please write a 500-word business pitch:  
  • Identify the complex global business opportunity you seek to address throughout the three years of the DBA program. 
  • Describe up to three desirable outcomes of this project following research and innovative designing of options.  
  • Provide a brief overview of your rationale for enrolling in this DBA program at Sofia University in connection with your project. 
    • *This overview should be no more than 500 words.  
  • Your Leadership Plan: Please write a 500-word leadership plan:  
    • Tell us about your leadership strengths and opportunities for continued personal development as you engage with this complex global business opportunity.  
    • Provide a brief overview of your rationale for enrolling in this DBA program at Sofia University in connection with your project. 
  • An up-to-date resume or CV

Yes. A $50.00 non-refundable application fee will be paid when you start the application process.

Yes. If after the review of your application materials it is determined that you are a candidate for the DBA program, an interview with the Program Chair will be conveniently scheduled. 

FAQs for current Sofia students interested in the DBA program and already hold a Master’s degree from an accredited college.

Yes, you will withdraw from your current master’s program to begin DBA.  

Please submit the Withdrawal request when applying in the DBA program. The withdrawal will take effect once you are accepted into the DBA program. Questions about CPT should be directed to Sofia University DSO.  

Please contact the Registrar’s office at registrar@sofia.edu informing of your desire to transfer to the DBA program. A Transfer Form will be sent to you. 

No, master’s level courses will not transfer to the DBA program. 

Yes, please check out the Scholarships | Sofia University website or contact Elizabeth.Steele@sofia.edu for more information.

Speak with an enrollment advisor today to apply.