MA of Business Administration

MA of Business Administration

Meet Sofia's MA of Business Administration Faculty:

Megan PrellAdjunct Faculty

Dale Ironson, PhDAdjunct Faculty

Brandi ChenAdjunct Faculty

Dina Ziadlou, DM, MSITAdjunct Faculty

Aubrey Walden, MBAAdjunct Faculty

Nomi ShmerlingAdjunct Faculty

Abhishek PatilAdjunct Faculty

Petra Parvati MeedtAdjunct Faculty

Paul Kiritsis, PhDAdjunct Faculty

Andy BorgAdjunct Faculty

Wei Wang, PhDSofia Adjunct Faculty

Leslie Wright, M.S.Adjunct Faculty

Jolie GutentagAdjunct Faculty

Dawn McGregorAdjunct Faculty

Courtney Williams, M.A.Adjunct Faculty

Carmelita OmranAdjunct Faculty

Bill Liu, PhDAdjunct Faculty

Shawishi Haynes, Ed.D., MSHA, FACHEProfessor: Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

Jeri Lynn Hogg, PhDProfessor: Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

Deeann Bruno, PhD, MAEdAdjunct & Academic Advisor: MBA

Dale L. Gooden, DHSc, EJD, MBAProfessor: Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

Etel Leit, PhD, M.S.Professor: Bachelor's Completion

Jeng-Dau James Wu, DBAProfessor: MA of Business Administration

Simone M. DiMatteo, Ph.D.MBA Program Chair and Core Faculty

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MA of Business Administration

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