BS In Business Administration

BS In Business Administration

Students tailor the program to their interests and goals by developing an individually designed Concentration that focuses their studies.

Course overview:

Program Details:

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is a degree-completion program, available to students who have completed a minimum of 75 quarter units (50-semester units) of prior college-level work. Focusing on the main functional areas of business, the program integrates solid leadership skills and foundational understanding of how organizations operate, equipping business leaders across industries and organizations for a successful career. Emphasizing both personal leadership and business acumen, the program is designed to meet the needs of modern industry, steering away from outdated concepts like individually designed concentrations. The curriculum prepares students for graduate school or career advancement by providing them with the practical skills and knowledge required in today’s business environment.

Courses are offered online, with faculty serving as facilitators and tutors. Each quarter students will attend classroom sessions on campus or participate in a field trip to a site relevant to the study and application of business fundamentals to complement their online courses.

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Professional Licensure

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Course Information:

At-a-glance information about this course for your convenience:

Summer Start Date:
July 1, 2024
Fall Start Date:
September 30, 2024
Winter Start Date:
January 13, 2025
Spring Start Date:
April 7, 2025
Program Length:
2 Years
Total Number of Units:
48 (Minimum)
Estimated Total Cost:
Estimated Fees:
Online + Low-Residency (Each quarter students will attend classroom sessions on campus or participate in a field trip to a site relevant to the study and application of business fundamentals to complement their online courses.)

Learning Outcomes:

Here’s what you can expect to walk away from this program with…


Summarize fundamental concepts of the business disciplines and apply these when analyzing and solving business problems.


Determine when information is needed to address a topic or problem, and locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively and efficiently.


Integrate empirical data, ethical considerations, and transpersonal values when analyzing and solving business problems.


Communicate using a variety of media and genres to effectively address the circumstances and intended audience across a range of purposes and settings.


Describe and employ effective management and leadership practices to teamwork in multidisciplinary and multicultural settings.


Articulate key concepts and frameworks of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability, and apply them appropriately in professional settings.


To receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), a minimum of 48 units are required for graduation. The following are specific degree requirements:

The General Education requirement consists of the following content areas:

  • 12 units in English and Communication
  • 4 units in Mathematical Reasoning
  • 12 units in Arts and Humanities
  • 12 units in Social Sciences
  • 8 units in Physical and Natural Sciences


Transfer students with an associate’s degree from a California community college who have completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or equivalent, are waived from taking additional General Education coursework at Sofia. Students who did not complete an associate’s degree will have a transcript audit conducted to determine which remaining General Education courses are required to complete the degree.

The Core provides broad exposure to the field of business administration and consists of the following required courses:

  • BUS100 Introduction to Business (4)
  • BUS101 Organizational Theory (4)
  • BUS102 Business Statistics and Probability (4)
  • BUS103 Financial Accounting (4)
  • BUS201 Marketing Management (4)
  • BUS202 Micro and Macroeconomics (4)
  • BUS203 Business Ethics (4)
  • BUS204 Managerial Accounting (4)
  • BUS301 Research Methods (4)
  • BUS302 Information Systems and Technology (4)
  • BUS303 Human Resource Management (4)
  • BUS401 Corporate Finance (4)
  • BUS402 Advanced Principles of Marketing (4)
  • BUS403 Strategic Management (4)
  • BUS404 Business Law (4)

Students propose a Concentration that combines courses from the elective pool in business administration, Core and/or Elective Courses in psychology, and independent study in a focused field of business administration. Examples of Concentrations include, but are not limited to, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Information Technology Management, Human Resource Management and Finance.

The Capstone Project is divided into two courses and is designed to enable students to integrate the knowledge and skill they have developed as they prepare to graduate and either continue on to a master’s degree or advance in their careers. The two Capstone courses are the following:

  • BUS498 Business Administration Capstone I (4)
  • BUS499 Business Administration Capstone II (4)

Students complete their bachelor’s program by selecting courses that complement their Concentration, prepare them for additional career options and advanced study in the field, and enable them to explore new areas of interest. In addition to the courses below, students may select Elective Courses from the BA in Psychology program, with approval of the Program Chair:

  • BUS405 Health Care Management (4)
  • BUS406 Business-to-Business Marketing (4)
  • BUS407 Performance Measurement (4)
  • BUS408 Knowledge Management (4)
  • BUS409 Management and Information Systems (4)
  • BUS410 Fundamentals of Taxation (4)
  • BUS411 Consumer Credit and Personal Finance (4)
  • BUS412 Search Engine Optimization (4)
  • BUS413 Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management (4)
  • BUS414 Global Finance (4)
  • BUS415 Politics and Global Trade
  • BUS416 Workforce Training and Development (4)
  • BUS417 Sustainability and Global Business (4)
  • BUS418 Advertising and Brand Promotion (4)
  • BUS419 Business and Professional Speaking (4)
  • BUS420 Cross-cultural Communication (4)
  • BUS421 Advertising and Social Media Strategy (4)
  • BUS422 Negotiation and Global Business (4)
  • HUM490 Advanced Topics in the Humanities (4)
  • SOC490 Advanced Topics in the Social Sciences (4)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

This section provides answers to some common queries about the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program.

The BSBA program integrates concepts from transpersonal psychology into the main functional areas of business. It is a degree-completion program tailored to suit the student’s interests and career goals, with an individually designed Concentration. The program includes online courses supplemented with classroom sessions or relevant field trips each quarter.

The BSBA program has three start dates in the year – Summer (July 3, 2023), Fall (October 2, 2023), and Winter (January 8, 2024).

The estimated total cost of the degree is $36,000.

Admission requirements can be found on our Admissions Requirements page. The BSBA program is available to students who have completed a minimum of 75 quarter units (50-semester units) of prior college-level work.

Partnership with Shanghai Lida University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Program

Admissions Requirements

  • Online Application: Students ready to sign up for our programs may submit an online application through our portal.
  • Enrollment: Throughout the four-year program, students will initially gain conditional admission and enroll at Sofia University on a provisional basis. Upon satisfying the stipulated criteria, their conditional status will be lifted at the beginning of their third year, granting them full admission for the remainder of their studies.
    1. Conditional Admission in the 1st and 2nd Year: Students are admitted on a conditional basis for the first two years of the four-year degree program. The following are the eligibility requirements for conditional admission:
      1. Candidates must hold a high school diploma that is regionally accredited.
      2. English Proficiency: Students must achieve an English score exceeding 70% on the Chinese national college entrance examination (GaoKao) English test, or a minimum IELTS score of 5, or a TOEFL score of 45, or a Duolingo score of 90. English proficiency enhancement plans will be implemented as part of the first two years of the study program.
    2. Full Admission at the End of the 2nd Year: To transition from conditional to full admission, students must meet the following requirements before the commencement of their third year:

      • Present an English proficiency test score that meets or exceeds the minimum threshold specified in the below chart. This score must be submitted by the conclusion of the second year of study. You will find more information on English Proficiency Requirements here: https://www.sofia.edu/student-resources/student-transfers/

Bachelor's Degree information

    • Reflection Essay and Statement of Intent: As part of the full admission process, students are required to submit a reflective essay that encapsulates their learning experiences during the initial two years of study. Additionally, the essay should include a statement of intent, articulating their fervor for business administration, detailing their objectives for the duration of the program, and outlining their aspirations for post-graduation achievements.
    • Submit official transcripts verifying a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for the first two years of undergraduate studies. Students much complete a minimum of 75 quarter units (50-semester units) in the first two-year study. All official academic transcripts must be sent by the school to registrar@sofia.edu or:

Sofia University Registrar Office
1069 East Meadow Cr.
Palo Alto CA, 94303

The BSBA program typically takes 2 years to complete. It includes general education, core courses, concentration courses, a capstone project, and elective courses.

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BS In Business Administration

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