Ted Esser, Ph.D.Professor, Transpersonal Psychology

The Board of Trustees of Sofia University is the corporate body established by the charter with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff, and alumni.



  • Ph.D. Humanities – East-West Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies
  • M.A. Philosophy & Religion – California Institute of Integral Studies
  • B.F.A. Photography (Video Art) – University of Washington
  • B.A. Communications – University of Washington


Research & Training:

  • Director – Spiritual Emergence Network
  • Association for Transpersonal Psychology
  • International Association for the Study of Dreams
  • American Academy of Religion
  • International Journal for Transpersonal Studies



  • Intentional Kundalini & Nondual Experiences in Lucid Dreams
  • Dissertation – Lucid Dreaming, Kundalini, the Divine, and Nonduality: A Transpersonal Narrative Study

More faculty members:

Dorote Weyers-Lucci, Ph.D.Professor, Bachelor's Completion

Steven J. Gold, Ph.D.Program Chair, Bachelor's Completion

Scott Underwood, M.A.Professor, Bachelor's Completion

Jennifer M. Crane, LMFTClinical Director, MA of Counseling Psychology

Michelle M. Daly, LPCProfessor, MA of Counseling Psychology

Tracy Tuten, Ph.D.Professor, Business Administration

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