• Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. ITP. Accredited University. Sofia Univerisity
    To feed only your mind and body does not cultivate the full gifts of being human. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP)
    Bachelors. Masters. Doctorates.
  • Bachelors degree. Psychology. Liberal Arts. Sofia University
    The Time is Now! Online Bachelors in Psychology Completion Program Enroll Now for Fall Tuition Breaks! Learn More
  • Online doctorate degree. Psychology. Transpersonal. Transformative.
    Flexibility Your Way! Online PhD in Transpersonal Psychology
    Apply for Fall by 9/9 for 1st Year Tuition Break!Learn More
  • Accredited Doctoral Program. Transpersonal Psychology. Sofia University
    The Leap is Worth It!
    Onsite Community
    Freedom to Research Your Passions.
    First Year Tuition Break - Apply by 9/9. Learn More
  • Clinical Psychology. Positive Psychology. Experiential.
    Say Yes! A Clinical PsyD Focused on Healing the Whole Person.
    Mindful Practices + Positive Psychology.
    Apply for Fall by 9/9 for 1st Year Tuition Break.
    Learn More
  • M Ed Program
    New Perspectives in Transformative Ed Holistic Learning Methods.
    Credentialed teachers
    Financial Aid Available. Inquire Now for Winter 2017.
  • Visionary Entrepreneurs. Life Coach. Spiritual Guides. Psychology. Masters degree
    Seekers. Visionaries. Transpersonalists. Training life coaches, spiritual guides & wellness caregivers.
    Online Global Masters.
  • Psychology. Computer Science. Innovation. Creativity. Sofia University
    Find a New Worldview at Sofia U. Psychology + Computer Science = An Innovative You!
    MATP/MSCS enrolling now
  • Computer Science. Innovation. Big Data Science.
    Pioneering The Future of Tech Innovation Humanistic Values + Cutting Edge Technology. Online. Onsite.
    MS Computer Science
  • Transformative Technology. Consciousness. Wellness. Sofia University
    The Possibilities Are Endless. Transformative Technology Lab. Conscious (R)evolutions for Increased Wellbeing.
  • You can forget a curriculum, but you can’t forget an experience. Experiential transpersonal skill-building labs. Masters in Counseling Psych. LMFT or LPCC
  • MBAO

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