• Mindful Living Talk plus Open House
    Mindful Living & the Mind/Body Connection Panel Talk
    Saturday, May 13th
    9:45 am - 11:00 am
    Open House Follows
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  • Ecopsychology certificate
    We are all connected.
    The Earth needs our help.
    Validate your passion for nature with our new Transpersonal Ecopsychology certificate.
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  • Life Coaching - Transformative
    ICF Approved Transformative Life Coaching Certificate
    Experience Transpersonal Transformation and Entrepreneurial Spirit
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  • Moving Humanity Forward
    Moving Humanity Forward
    New Student Scholarship
    Tell us how you will be a ripple in the wave of humanity’s evolution.
    Apply by May 1st, 2017 for Summer!
  • Computer Science. Innovation. Big Data Science.
    Are you the next Jeff Bezos ?
    MS in Computer Science with a twist
    F1 Students Welcome!
    Apply Now for Summer 2017
  • Bachelors degree. Psychology. Liberal Arts. Sofia University
    The Time is Now!
    Online Bachelors in Psychology
    Completion Program
    Apply Now for Summer!
  • Online doctorate degree. Psychology. Transpersonal. Transformative.
    Flexibility Your Way! Online PhD in Transpersonal Psychology
    Apply Now for Summer!
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  • Accredited Doctoral Program. Transpersonal Psychology. Sofia University
    The Leap is Worth It!
    Onsite & Online PhD Community
    Freedom to Research Your Passions.
    Apply Now for Summer!
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  • Clinical Psychology. Positive Psychology. Experiential.
    Say Yes! A Clinical PsyD
    Focused on Healing the Whole Person.
    Mindful Practices + Positive Psychology.
    Apply Now for Summer!

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  • Master of Education in Transformational Arts
    New Perspectives in Transformative Ed
    Holistic Learning Methods.
    Credentialed teachers
    Financial Aid Available.
    Inquire Now for Fall 2017.
  • Visionary Entrepreneurs. Life Coach. Spiritual Guides. Psychology. Masters degree
    Seekers. Visionaries. Transpersonalists. Training life coaches, spiritual guides & wellness caregivers.
    Online Global Masters.Apply Now for Summer!
  • Psychology. Computer Science. Innovation. Creativity. Sofia University
    Find a New Worldview at Sofia U.Computer Science + Soft Skills = An Innovative You!
    MATP/MSCS enrolling now
  • You can forget a curriculum, but you can’t forget an experience. Experiential transpersonal skill-building labs. Masters in Counseling Psych. LMFT or LPCC Low Res or Residential. Apply Now for Summer
  • MBAO
  • Dr. Deepak Chopra Appointed Professor of Consciousness Studies
    Welcome to Sofia U!
    Dr. Deepak Chopra Appointed
    Professor of Consciousness Studies.
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