Global College

Providing Transpersonal, Transformative Values Globally Since 2017.

Our Mission

The Global College (GC) at Sofia University is charged with supporting the mission of Sofia University to provide global access to affordable and high-quality transformative education. We do this by extending learning opportunities beyond the borders of Sofia’s campus and/or outside of regular schedules. We accomplish this goal through a variety of professional development certificate programs, ESL Academic pathway programs, and advanced degree programs offered by face to face and online instructions. It is made available for international undergraduate and graduate-level university students as well as educators, government officials, business executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals from all over the world. Additionally, the GC incorporates five pillars of learning championed by UNESCO with a focus on learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be, and learning to transform oneself and society. We apply the framework to create a global lifelong learning network.

MBA Online

Chinese Language Program

The Sofia MBA Online Chinese Language Program provides business elites with the opportunity to further their interests in the connection between transpersonal psychology and management. In their core courses, students enjoy an in-depth study of positive psychology, personality theory, and other areas of transpersonal psychology that help business leaders create deep insights into relationship building and the development of positive work culture. The MBAO program allows students to dive deeper into transpersonal psychology and how it creates a humanistic approach to leadership, organizational behavior, and marketing to the larger community.

Customized Short Term Program

Earn Badges from Sofia University

Since 2018, Sofia University has partnered with many outstanding private Chinese colleges and universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan.

MATP Online

Chinese Language Program

The Sofia Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology is offered in partnership with Beijing Qiwen Education.

Learning to Do

GC engages participants in opportunities to accelerate their career-focused practical skills and to link with industry. Our outcome-focused curriculum gives students the opportunity not only to learn but also to practice skills they need to make an immediate impact on their career and given them the edge to compete in this fast-changing world economy.

Learning to Live Together

We strive to provide customized cross-cultural programs within an internationalized version to empower students from diverse backgrounds with intercultural communication competence and collaborative mindsets, thus contributing to the university’s commitment to richness, inclusivity, and diversity.

Learning to Be

GC’s culturally and experientially focused education integrates transpersonal psychology approaches including mindfulness and self-awareness, empowering students with mindfulness, intellectual growth, and the development of emotional and social intelligence.

Yali Wang

Director of Global College

Thanks to Sofia University’s Global College, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills, and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world. 

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Global Programs available for Palo Alto and Costa Mesa California campuses

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