Caifang Zhu Zhu, PhD 朱彩方

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Caifang is chair of the Chinese PHD program in transpersonal psychology and  recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award at Sofia. He is a board member of the International Transpersonal Association and an adjunct professor at the Buddhist Academy of China. He has more than 30 papers published internationally and has translated Jung´s Psychology and Religion: West and East. Caifang has developed a model called Grounding and Communication as an Integrative Therapy known earlier as Meditation Initiated Integrative Therapy (MIIT). He received a MTS degree from Harvard Divinity School majoring in religions and minoring in psychology and a PhD in East-West psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. He has been practicing meditation and tai chi since early 1990s. He chaired Harvard Buddhist Community in 2003-2004 and was director of community service, Harvard Alumni for Mental Health in 2021-2022.

Program: MA in Transpersonal Psychology (Chinese Language)


  • Ph.D.  in East-West Psychology, California University of Integral Studies (formerly California Institute of Integral Studies).
  • M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School.
  • B.A. in English, Beijing International Studies University (formerly Beijing Second Institute of Foreign Languages)

Educational Research:

Ph.D. dissertation: The Ordinary Mind in Chan/Zen Buddhism and Its Psychological Significance

Licensures & Certifications:

Certified Psychological Counseling Supervisor in China

Research & Training Interests:

Humanistic, transpersonal, integral psychology and psychotherapies, meditation practices as spirituality and means of healing and wellbeing, altered states of consciousness, reincarnation and heredity, grounded communication as an
integrative therapy, non-violent communication


Zhu, C. & Liu, H. (2022).On Becoming a Person: Perspectives from Carl Rogers, Huineng, WANG Yangmin, Ken Wilber.Beijing International Review of Education.

Zhu, C. (2021). Chan Buddhism and Meditation. In M. Farias, D. Brazier & M. Lalljee (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Meditation. Oxford University Press. Published online in 2020.Hidden Strength Therapeutic Children’s Storybooks.

Zhu, C. (2020). Grounding and Communication as an Integrative Therapy. In C. Fracasso, S. Krippner,& H. Friedman (Eds.), Holistic Treatment in Mental Health: A Handbook of Practitioners’ Perspectives.Pp.259-272Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing Company, Inc.

Zhu, C. (2013). C.G. Jung on the nature and interpretation of dreams—A developmental delineation with cognitive and neuro-scientific responses. Behavioral Sciences, 3, pp. 662-675.

Zhu, C. (2012). Ordinary Mind:Meditation Initiated Integrative Therapy. In Thomas Plante (ed.), Religion and Positive Psychology: Understanding the Psychological Fruits of Faith. Pp. 159-176. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger .

Zhu, C.  (2011). The Hermeneutics of Chan Buddhism: Reading Koans from the Blue Cliff Record.  Asian Philosophy (UK), 21: 4, 373-393.

Zhu, C. (2009). Analytical Psychology and Daoist Inner Alchemy: A Response to C.G. Jung’s “Commentary on The Secret of The Golden Flower”. The Journal of Analytical Psychology (London), 54:4, 493-512 .

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