Dorote Weyers-Lucci, Ph.D.

Dorote Weyers-Lucci, Ph.D.Faculty: Bachelor's Completion, Global College, Master of Business Administration

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Dr. Lucci, a core lead faculty member at Sofia University and chair of the Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health, specializes in positive and transpersonal psychology. Her expertise in habit transformation and experiential learning is central to her approach to enhancing life quality, creativity, and leadership skills in individuals and organizations. She designs and delivers a curriculum that focuses on whole-person development, employs multi-sensory and transformational educational methods, and develops digital and non-digital immersive experiences to improve well-being.

Her international management and marketing background, covering a range from corporate to entrepreneurial sectors, informs her deep understanding of global business dynamics. This experience is integrated into her teaching and professional practice. In response to the need for better stress management tools, Dr. Lucci co-founded Embodied Inc. in 2014, launching apps like Worry Bubble, Corereboot, and StarflightVR, which aid in habit change and stress relief through innovative, non-invasive methods.

Holding a Ph.D. in psychology focusing on transpersonal psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Dr. Lucci’s educational background is extensive, including a Master’s in International Management and expertise in areas like mindfulness and clinical hypnosis. Dr. Lucci is passionate about the potential for positive change through transformational, whole-person, multi-sensory learning and immersive experiences. She also maintains a private practice, offering transformative and leadership support to her clients. She has a specific focus and experience in oncological psychological support. She has devoted much time and effort to the facilitation and connection through different phases of the oncological journey, specifically breast and ovarian cancer. She is an active facilitator and educator, conducting workshops and supporting group learning, and maintains a private practice. Fluent in English, German, French, and Spanish, she contributes significantly to international discourse in her field, with a business orientation in public relations and a business orientation in international public relations, leadership development, and management.


  • Ph.D. – Sofia University
  • MIM/MBA – Thunderbird University
  • B.A. History – Providence College
  • B.A. Modern Languages – Providence College

Licensures & Certifications:

  • CMCH – Master Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Complementary and Alternative (CAM) health practitioner
  • Focusing – Focusing Institute
  • Mindfulness – MBSR
  • Compassion – CCARE Stanford
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology – IPNB
  • Geomancy – Hagia Chora, Germany
  • Earth Sciences – Shamanic Studies


Research & Training:

Integrative Psychology, Transpersonal and Contemplative research and education, Existential anxieties, Phenomenology, Oncological Psychology, Transcultural and cross-cultural research and facilitation, immersive transformative experiences both digital and non-digital, Media Psychology. Research and development of innovative communication methodologies for the improvement of wellbeing and quality of life. Mixed methods, organic research methodology, mysticism, esotericism, depth psychology.

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Dorote Weyers-Lucci, Ph.D.

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