The Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching Certificate Program

Inspire Greatness in Others. Earn the Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching Certificate of Completion.

Program Overview

This professional certification program in life coaching at Sofia University is founded on the belief that true transformation requires experiencing a deeper holistic understanding of the body, mind, and spirit. The 20-week program incorporates weekly participation in online lessons, cohort discussions, real-time coaching practice, and opportunities for self-reflection.

This is a transpersonal approach to coaching that builds on both the International Coaching Federation’s core competencies and a proven framework, the GROW model. Participants deepen their transpersonal and transformative knowledge, engage in ongoing experiential practices, collaborate with colleagues, and practice coaching skill capacities within a safe and collaborating group process. The program begins with a three-day virtual seminar and continues with online learning and discussions, teleconference coaching practice, and accredited coach mentoring. The program supports participants’ multiple coaching niches from external personal and professional businesses to internal company leadership positions.

Once the program is successfully completed, students receive the Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching Certificate of Completion, which is recognized by the International Coaching Federation. Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to market and expand their coaching base, develop their own unique coaching style, and strengthen their leadership effectiveness to make a difference.

The Course is divided into 3 major areas of rigorous training:

  1. Weeks 1 – 6: Setting the foundation and fundamentals for transformative coaching through a transpersonal lens. You will build on 8 International Coaching Federation core competency coaching skills and practice coaching from the first day.
  1. Weeks 7 – 13: Deepen your experiences of transformative and transpersonal qualities of coaching. You will continue being supervised and mentored while practicing your coaching with outside clients and peers. 
  2. Weeks 14 – 18: Getting Down to Business.  While continuing to practice your newly discovered coaching skills, you will focus on the ethical standards and conduct of coaching and develop a strategic roadmap for building a coaching practice and/or advancing your leadership presence.

Our goal for you is that upon successful completion of this program, you will have gained confidence to continue to expand your coaching client base and develop your own unique coaching style. You will have increased self-awareness, implemented self-monitoring and celebrated self-improvement which will be an internal skillset that evolves into a greater coaching capacity for increasing you and your clients’ successes.

Level 1 Accreditation Program

We are approved for ACSTH and our program is currently designated to meet the Level 1 criteria by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Next Start

The next start date for the program is January 9, 2023.

Program Length

20 Weeks


The cost is only $6,400 (includes payment plan option), for this 5-month, online, ICF-approved, Graduate-level Coaching Certificate. Or, receive a reduced rate of $6,200 if the course is paid in full by this year’s start date, January 4th, 2023.

Early Bird Rate! Contact us now for a special rate of $5,900 if full payment is received before December 21st, 2022.

Admissions Requirements

Check out the Admissions Requirements for this program.


Online and on Zoom Platform



Total Hours

99 Hours

Direct Synchronous

34 Synchronous Hours to include 10 mentoring hours

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the International Coaching Federation?

The ICF serves as a global member network of professional coaches. The ICF credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching certification. More information about their requirements and levels of coaching can be found on the ICF site,

What are the requirements to enroll in the program?

Bachelor’s Degree (*Students with an Associate degree in a field similar to coaching such as Human Resources, etc. may be able to enter. Please speak with the Admissions Office to better understand the program and identify if this is the right fit for you).

What's the total cost of the program?

The total cost for the program is $6,400. All materials are included, and the tuition is due at time of registration.

What is the coaching curriculum like?

Successful Completion of Program Training Requires Participants to: 

  • Attend a 3-day online launch with a commitment to be an active participant. 
  • Attend 31 hours Video/Audio Webinar Conferences on a provided Zoom platform – 2 hours of practice-coaching and mentoring (required: a camera on your device). 
  • Attend 3 hours of individual mentoring in preparation for your final evaluation
  • Submit 10 self-reflections from coaching assigned peers and/or clients. 
  • Submit 3 self-reflections from coaching assigned peers and/or coaches. 
  • Review and evaluate online support resources to include reading, videos, and self- Assessments. 
  • Engage in experiential Transformative and Transpersonal practices. 
  • Participate in Online Peer and Trainer Discussions. 
  • Schedule time for an average of 4.5 hours of study/coaching practice each week. .Successfully pass an evaluation from a submitted recorded and transcribed coaching session in weeks 19 and 20.

What does the Coaching Certificate prepare me for?

Students will earn a Transformative Coach Certificate of Completion for 99 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) currently designated to meet the Level 1 criteria by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the globally well-known gold standard organization for supporting coaches in all niches of coaching. Students will be fully prepared to coach clients and complete additional requirements for ACC accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. Students will also work directly with Accredited Coach Trainers who will be supervising and mentoring them through experiential transpersonal practices and transformative learning. 

What is Coaching?


We define coaching as partnering with others in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Woman in nature

Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal coaching works with the whole person – mind, body, emotions, spirit and empowers clients to rise above limiting beliefs, closed mindsets, and unwanted behaviors that inhibit growth.

Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching expands upon coaching and empowers clients to shift from within themselves, to examine what is true about how they are being and how that reflects upon their outcome. It supports a new way of thinking or a shift in perspective.

My experience at Sofia was lovely. I enjoyed each and every session and thanks to our guide Vicki, we got the best out of the course. She’s taught us and walked us through the rough and soft of what coaching is as a business and as a way of living.

Dragos RaduAlumnus, Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching Certificate Program, Class of Spring 2020

Early 2021 I started the Leadership & Life Coach course at Sofia University. I have loved every minute of the course! I want to thank the incredible professors, my peers, and my clients who have helped shape me as a coach. The most incredible part is being able to apply my coaching skills to my own situation. When negative thoughts appear I am able to consciously reframe and think “What can I do?” rather than dwell in all that I cannot. I’m excited to start my career as a Life Coach and continuously work on myself to heal, be a better me, and ultimately coach.

Elise L.Alumnus, Transformative Life Coaching Certificate Program, Class of 2021

Key Program Takeaways

# 1

Earn a Leadership and Transformative Life Coaching Certificate of Completion for 99 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours aligned with the newly designated Level 1 requirements from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in preparation for continued accreditation with the ICF.

# 2

Develop and apply coaching core competency skills of how to engage with your clients in meaningful ways that build trust, deepen insights and inspire a movement toward desired actions.

# 3

Create a strategic roadmap for how to build a coaching practice that ignites your niche and supports your clients’ potentials.

# 4

Increase your effectiveness as a leader and develop a greater sense of how to engage others and increase performance advancing your career aspirations.

# 5

Experience a deeper understanding of transpersonal (body, mind, emotional, spirit) approaches that support multiple coaching niches from personal to professional fields of interest.

# 6

Demonstrate a strong understanding of the coaching code of ethics and how continued self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-improvement contribute to the highest standards of professional coaching.

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Vicki Lundin-Taylor
Dr. Vicki Lundin-Taylor

Dr. Lundin-Taylor graduated with her Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology and Ph.D. from Sofia University. She also has an MBA from California State University. Her research and training interests include expanding on her diverse business knowledge from corporate venues to successful entrepreneurial enterprises, doctorate research and certifications in transformative learning, human development, and leadership for social transformation have supported her interest in a variety of fields: professional coach, academic coach educator, and community leadership. Dr. Lundin-Taylor supports and empowers clients to ignite their visionary future as well as foster students in a safe, skill-scaling environment to integrate and grow their potential. As past President of the International Coaching Federation High Country Chapter of six northwestern states, she led a board of directors and membership toward developing a robust collaboration for meeting the latest adaptive challenges.

Licensures & Certifications
  • Generating Transformational Change in Human Systems, 2 Year Certificate – Pacific Institute in partnership with Leadership Institute of Seattle
  • Accredited Associate Coach, ACC – International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Mentor Coach, CMC – CCE International Coach Federation
  • Licensed Trainer, Coaching Out of the Box® 5/5/5/ Model
  • The Art of Development Certificate; a variety of coaching approaches within the context of adult stages of development – 6 months
  • Stages, InDepth Theory and Methodology for Human Development
  • Certified Transformative Life Coach – Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360 Degree Leadership Assessments; Multi Health Systems, Inc.
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