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Welcome to our inaugural space, spotlighting the Global Mental Health Conference proceedings: Advancing Mental Health with Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom. Our aim? To ensure that the invaluable insights from the conference resonate globally, catalyzing collaboration and progress in mental health.

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Emotional Vulnerability and Induced Transpersonal Experiences

Retro-fitted Intuitive Inquiry examining insights from a personal project、podcast about sex, shame, stigma, and STIs

Sexual Agency and Transformation: Pilot and Intervention Research

The future of Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Direction

The Power of the God Box in Overcoming Overthinking and Obsessions

Pain, Awakening, and Transcendence: Explorations and Applications from the Transpersonal Psychology Perspective

A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Binaural Beat Infused Meditation Soundtracks and Their Impact on Positive and Negative Affect, Purpose, and Depressed Mood

The Effects of Musical Frequency and Interval on Meditation

Integration of Transpersonal Therapy

Educators’ Perspective on the Integration of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility in Global Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology Curriculum

Altered States of Consciousness and Global Healing

Psychotherapeutic Application of Transpersonal Therapy Research for Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression

Seeing is Believing: Exploring the Perception of Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and a Person Centered Approach

Transformative Potential: The Synergy of Grief and Gratitude

The Muse and the Mad Hatter: At the Intersection of Creativity and Psychopathology

Rebranding of the Narrative through a Culturally Competent Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Model for Immigrant Women

Evidence-based intervention: Examining the effectiveness of Sacred Geometry® Healing System (SGHS®) in children with autism

Birth of the Pain Clinic.docx

Facilitating Teachers’ Social-Emotional Competence During Times of Change and Crisis

Vital Questions in Transpersonal Psychology Answered by Deaf Students

Promoting Well-being in Isolated Mothers of Severely Disabled Children: Describing Conditions to Alleviate Distress

Primary school student’s self-concept, meaning in life, and life satisfaction in the context of Hong Kong in a time of Covid-19 pandemic

Transpersonal psychotherapy and healing

My journey of ASC(altered states of consciousness)experience

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