Anne YJ Hsu, Ph.D., LP

Anne YJ Hsu, Ph.D., LPCore Faculty

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Anne is a transcultural mother-scholar-practitioner. She is an internationally trained and licensed clinical psychologist in Taiwan, China, and Colorado with a Transcultural Existential-Humanistic orientation. She holds 3 psychology degrees from different lands (Simon Fraser University, National Taiwan University, and Saybrook University). She founded True Colors Psychology Group Clinic in Taipei and YJ Psychology Ltd. in Denver. She also supervises doctoral learners and is the lead professor for Sofia’s Masters of Transpersonal Psychology Oversee’s Program. Areas of her specializations include poetic encounters, transient and developmental identities as well as conversations around diagnosis. 

University Email: Anne.Hsu@sofia.edu

Credentials: PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, A.R.C.T.

Program: MA in Transpersonal Psychology (Chinese Language)

Research Interests (Ph.D. Faculty): Transculturalism, Existential Transpersonal Humanistic Psychology and psychotherapy, Spiritual Developmental, Self.


  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology – Saybrook University
  • M.Sc. Clinical Psycholog – National Taiwan University
  • B.A. Psychology – Simon Fraser University
  • A.R.C.T. Piano Performance – Royal Conservatory of Music
  • YIC, Yoga Instructor – SYVASA University

Educational Research:

Ph.D. Clinical Psychologym Dissertation: The Lived Experience of Transcultural Identity
Explorers: A Descriptive Phenomenological Psychological Study on Making a Life in a New Land
M.S. Clinical Psychology Thesis: The Revising Sexual Addiction Assessment Tools for Taiwan’s Male
Population: Preliminary Studies.

Licensures & Certifications:

  • Licensed Psychologist (DORA)
  • Psychotherapist (DORA)
  • Clinical Psychologist (Taiwan)
  • Psychological Counsellor Level II (China)
  • ADOS-2 Certified
  • EMDR Certified
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Yoga Instructor Certified
  • True Colors Personality communications Master Trainer

Social Media:



  • Hsu, A. (2024) Self. In Hoffman, L., & Lac, V. (Eds). Evidence-Based Foundations of Existential-Humanistic Therapy. American Psychological Association. (Manuscript in Preparation)
  • Hsu, A., Broome, R., Mansilla, M., Phoon, E., Dias, J., Moats, M., Hoffman, L., & Yang, M. (2019). Existential Psychology Dialogues in China, Malaysia and Singapore: Continuing the Conversation. In Hoffman, L., Yang, M., & Kaklauskas, F.(Eds). Existential Psychology East-West (Volumn 1). Colorado Springs, Colorado: University Professor Press.
  • Hsu, A. Y. (2017). I am the history that I will never be. In J. Dias., & L. Hoffman. (Eds) Connoisseurs of suffering: Poetry for the journey to meaning. Colorado Springs, CO: University Professor Press.
  • Hsu, A. (2015). I mumbled, in Hoffman, L. & Moats, M. (Eds) Capturing shadows: Poetic encounters along the path of grief and loss. Colorado Springs, CO: University Professor’s Press.
  • Hoffman, L. & Hsu, A. (2015). The story of Irving Yalom: Review of Yalom’s Cure (2014), PsycCritique, 60(35). DOI:10.1037/a0039576

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Anne YJ Hsu, Ph.D., LP

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