Amber Voiles, PhD

Amber Voiles, PhDPhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University

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Dr. Amber Voiles holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Arts, and is a National Ayurvedic Medical Association-approved Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, specializing in restorative yoga, conscious relaxation, meditation, and sleep. She co-created the meditation program HEADSTRONG for Equinox, a luxury fitness
organization in the United States and Europe, which you can sample at AmberVoilesYoga.com/listen. She is also the Co-founder and President of The SOFIE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to Saving Ourselves From Indigenous Extinction, SOFIEfoundation.org.

As a retreat leader, Dr. Voiles has guided numerous groups to Central and South America. She encourages living off-grid, surrounded by nature, and often with Indigenous elders. The goal is optimal health, and to revive our connection to the planet and learn how to be of service in a humble and meaningful way.

Research Interests:

Parasympathetic states; neuroscience; relaxation; meditation; dreams; intuition; premonitions; pregnancy; liminal states; Indigenous wisdom; entheogenic medicines; shamanism; nature; plants.


Sofia University/Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Ph.D., 2023; University of Texas at Austin, B.F.A., 2003; The National Theatre Conservatory, M.F.A.,

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Amber Voiles, PhD

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