Tuition & Fees

Effective for the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

*Students entering with 90 undergraduate transfer units.  |  **Students entering with 45 graduate transfer units.  |  ***Students entering with bachelor’s degree and no graduate transfer units.

Quick Facts

Scholarship Deadlines

Tuition Due

Contact Information

Phone: 888-820-1484 ext. 10905
Fax: (650) 459-5400

Quarterly and One-Time fees

Miscellaneous fees

Additional Estimated Costs

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Indirect costs associated with living off-site but reasonably near the Sofia University campus (Palo Alto, Costa Mesa), such as housing, personal care, books, transportation, etc. These are estimates for budgeting purposes only, and may not reflect market changes, personal choices and living circumstances, and any other factors of daily living. Transportation may be higher for students enrolled in Online + Low-residency programs.

How to Make a Payment and Payment Plans

Payments can be made online, Via the portal, Wired, or by Check. Payment plans are available upon request.

Online Payments

To make a payment sign into:
Step 1: Portal
Step 2: Make a Payment
Step 3: $$$ Amount & Submit
Step 4: Debit Card /Credit Card Information
Step 5: Submit
Step 6: Confirmation

Wire Information

View Directions Here


Send all checks to the below address as well as an email to the Business Office

ATTN: Student Business Office
1069 E. Meadow Circle,
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Payment Plans

The Business Office offers a payment plan which spaces out the balance into 3 smaller payments across the quarter. The deadline for the full balance to be paid is the last day of the quarter.

To have a payment plan sent to you, please email

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