Global Mental Health Conference Welcome Message

Global Mental Health Conference Welcome Message

Posted by Sofia University on

June 28, 2023

"Join the enlightening Sofia University Global Conference for mental health, uniting voices worldwide to foster compassion, wisdom, and transformative dialogue."

Welcome Message from Co-Chairs

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health: Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom. As co-chairs of this groundbreaking event, we are both excited and humbled by the opportunity to address such a dedicated community of professionals, students, and individuals passionate about improving mental health globally.

The aftermath of the pandemic is lingering on and will continue for a time longer than average people can imagine. Our vision for this conference is to create an open and inclusive mental health platform where voices from every corner of the world can be heard, ideas from different disciplines can be shared, and the future of mental health can be shaped collaboratively. We believe in the immense power of dialogue and the potency of shared wisdom that can spark impactful change in mental health and well-being.

At the heart of this conference lies our commitment to integrate transpersonal psychology that features a whole-person perspective into the broader interdisciplinary conversation on mental health. We aim to foster a space where participants can dive into the depth of their own experiences and insights, weaving together the threads of research, practice, and personal wisdom to create a vibrant tapestry of enlightened minds, compassionate hearts, and embodied wisdom.

As we embark on this journey together, we are reminded of the words of poet Rumi: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” We all carry our wounds, but our collective wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment help us transform these wounds into windows of hope, resilience, and healing.

Please know that your presence and contributions are immensely valuable to this dialogue. We are eager to hear your perspectives, learn from your wisdom, and work together to push the boundaries of our understanding and practice in mental health.

We look forward to engaging with you for the transformative days of collaboration and learning.

Warm Regards,

Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health


Sofia University

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Global Mental Health Conference Welcome Message

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