Global Conference Recap Day 1 – Summary and Highlights

Global Conference Recap Day 1 – Summary and Highlights

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August 19, 2023

As the Sofia University Global Conference inaugurated its first day on August 18th, we weight of the occasion was palpable. This three-day conference represents not only a significant milestone for Sofia University but also a pivotal moment for the global community of mental health professionals, researchers, and practitioners. Drawing participants from myriad geographies and disciplines, the event signaled the beginning of a comprehensive exploration into the multifaceted realm of mental health, especially pertinent in the wake of global challenges that have underscored the critical nature of well-being.

Welcome Speech

Dr. Carol Humphreys, the President of Sofia University, extended a warm and heartfelt welcome to participants, speakers, and guests at the 2023 Sofia University Global Mental Health Conference. This conference, a convergence of international and domestic perspectives, aimed to catalyze discussions, challenge norms, and explore the dynamic evolution of mental health practices across diverse cultures. Renowned for its transformative education, Sofia University offers comprehensive programs spanning various disciplines, with a focus on nurturing the holistic development of individuals. During her address, Dr. Humphreys underscored the remarkable dedication of the organizing team and volunteers, emphasizing the university’s unwavering commitment to its mission. She also highlighted the conference’s theme, underscoring the critical role of mental health in a post-pandemic world, and extended a heartfelt invitation to all attendees to embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This landmark occasion was formally introduced as the inaugural Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health.

Joining Dr. Humphreys, Dr. Dorote Lucci, the Co-Chair of the Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health, extended a warm welcome to the esteemed audience. With an aura of profound significance, Dr. Lucci encapsulated the essence of the conference – a grand exploration into the rich tapestry of human experiences that seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific advancements. Dr. Lucci eloquently illuminated the event’s global nature, reflecting on how the power of dialogue transcends geographical boundaries. Against the backdrop of the pandemic’s indelible impact and the transformative influence of AI on society, Dr. Lucci emphasized the pressing need to address mental health holistically. This encompassed not only individual well-being but also the intricate interplay of social, environmental, and personal facets. The illustrious history of psychology, resonating with luminaries such as Frager, Fadiman, Maslow, and Grof, formed the foundation for Dr. Lucci’s exploration of “transpersonal psychology.” This intriguing concept intricately linked ego dissolution, self-awareness, and universal interconnectedness, interwoven with empirical neuroscience and somatic experiences. With the conference’s pillars delineated as “Whole Person Education and Research,” “Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Healing,” “Post-Pandemic Narratives and Resiliency Building,” and “Transpersonal Values for Growth and Transformation,” Dr. Lucci adeptly set the stage for shared learning, robust research, and engaging discourse via keynotes, panel discussions, and presentations. Resonating with an aura of purpose, Dr. Lucci articulated the conference’s profound aspiration: a voyage to comprehend the self and humanity’s boundless potential. She seamlessly wove transpersonal values into her narrative, marrying spiritual insights with scientific inquiry. As the audience was encouraged to actively participate in community dialogues, Dr. Lucci’s address crescendo-ed into a harmonious symphony of introspection and collective growth.

In her closing words, Dr. Lucci extended an earnest invitation to all, to embark on this transformative expedition unitedly. She spotlighted the conference’s inclusive and global character, expressing gratitude for the participants’ invaluable contributions.

Opening Remarks

The esteemed founder and President Emeritus of the University, Dr. Robert Frager expressed his pleasure in addressing the audience and referenced a teaching from the Buddha about the gradual removal of flaws in oneself. He related this approach to transpersonal psychology, emphasizing the importance of profound personal transformation and healing. He mentioned Sofia’s tradition and its perspective on seeking external help for deep personal changes. Dr. Frager defined transpersonal psychology as a field that values and tends to the full range of human experiences, from suffering to optimal health, including spirituality, inspiration, and awakening. Dr. Frager introduced Abraham Maslow and his concept of self-actualization, emphasizing his often-overlooked focus on transcendence and higher values. He highlighted the need to include love in psychological discussions and studies. He also mentioned the importance of spirituality, philosophy, and values for a meaningful life, drawing parallels to sunlight and essential nutrients. Furthermore, he discussed the connection between the levels of ego with Sufi tradition and one’s spiritual journey.

In closing, Dr. Frager offered a blessing from John O’Donohue, invoking the recognition of one’s soul, the connection to the universe, and the uniqueness of each individual.

Overall, Dr. Frager explored the depth and breadth of transpersonal psychology, its focus on profound transformation, the inclusion of various human experiences, and the significance of spirituality and values in personal growth and healing.

Theme I: Whole Person Education and Research

Dr. Anil Seth, a globally acclaimed neuroscientist, took the stage as the keynote speaker, igniting discussions with a captivating exploration. He deftly dismantled the conventional notion that our perception serves as an objective reflection of reality and self. Instead, he unveiled an alternative perspective, portraying the brain as a master predictor, conjuring controlled hallucinations that sculpt our understanding of both the external world and our internal identity. These conscious experiences were interwoven with the very essence of our existence as sentient beings. Challenging Descartes’ entrenched philosophy, Dr. Seth championed the idea that consciousness is an outgrowth of our biological essence. His address culminated with an intriguing convergence of art and science through the “dreamachine,” a tool that begets visual hallucinations. He also unveiled an ongoing online survey named “The Perception Census,” poised to decode the tapestry of perceptual diversity.

Subsequently, Dr. Jorge Ferrer, Chair of the Department of East-West Psychology at CIIS, graced the stage. His discourse delved into the concept of genuinely whole-person education, a pedagogical philosophy that engages the full spectrum of human experience – spanning from the physical body to the realms of heart, mind, and consciousness – in the pursuit of learning and inquiry. This novel approach forged a pathway to an enriched, embodied intellect harmonizing seamlessly with transpersonal dimensions. Drawing upon the metaphor of “the four seasons,” Dr. Ferrer articulated this approach and ingeniously illustrated practical applications in the context of integral education and academic inquiry. Further embellishing his narrative, he unveiled the methodology of Embodied Spiritual Inquiry, an exemplar of whole-person education fusing cooperative investigation, integral practices, and participatory techniques for a comprehensive perspective.

Panel Discussion: Educating the Whole Person

The stage then shifted to a panel discussion aptly titled “Educating the Whole Person.” Dr. John Elfers, the Director of the Dissertation Office and Core Faculty at Sofia University, orchestrated this captivating discussion. He was joined by an esteemed panel comprising luminaries like Dr. Arnauld Delorme, Dr. Kelly Yi, Dr. Mary Kay Chess, and Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg. Together, they embarked on a journey centered on the core tenets of transpersonal studies – educating individuals holistically. The panel’s discourse encapsulated the conceptualization of students as multi-dimensional entities, demanding the orchestration of learning environments that nurture transformative growth. This rich tapestry of perspectives intricately interwove the challenges and innovative strategies to address them, culminating in a vision of global education that resonated with societal needs.

A particularly resonating moment during the session was when the audience celebrated Dr. Kelly Yi’s presentation, spotlighting the profound impact of Sofia’s education in nurturing exploration and learning.

Submitted Presentation

A cohort of researchers and scholars assumed the spotlight, unveiling a constellation of subjects that converged upon the diverse landscape of psychology and human experience. This captivating array of topics collectively offered profound insights spanning consciousness, healing, education, and well-being. Marilyn Schlitz, Amber Voiles, James Thompson, Melissa Caicedo Farbman, and Abeshehik Patel explored altered states of consciousness that was seamlessly interwoven with their role in global healing, uncovering the latent potential of collective awareness to metamorphose societies. Steven Gold shared the advent of pain clinics that symbolized a watershed moment, intertwining physical and psychological suffering to unveil a holistic approach to pain management. Further forays into Eric Carlson’s vistas of transpersonal psychology and spiritual guidance navigated the evolving spiritual terrains, while Vaz Celia elucidated the conditions that alleviate distress in mothers of profoundly disabled children underscored the significance of resilience and support. Lin Zhang shared insights from educators on equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility within global transpersonal psychology curriculum charted the course toward a more equitable education system. Etel Leit introduced the efficacy of The God Box, in mitigating overthinking and obsessions heralded a clarion call for mental clarity. This eclectic journey culminated in Megan Prell’s presentation on the exploration of the world through the eyes of adults with developmental disabilities, weaving a common thread that underscored the imperative of a person-centric approach. This captivating voyage through diverse realms beckoned toward an all-encompassing comprehension of human experiences and their intricate interconnections.

Community Conversation

During this impactful session, esteemed global community leaders converged with a common goal: to facilitate a meaningful platform where participants could freely articulate their thoughts and ideas concerning the promotion of mental health and overall well-being. This gathering provided a nurturing environment that encouraged a diverse range of insights, conveyed through an array of engaging formats, from expansive open forums to more intimate breakout rooms. To invigorate the discussions, participants were not only immersed in interactive activities like Scavenger Hunts and dream incubation exercises but also granted moments of reprieve through grounding somatic breaks.

Moreover, the discourse delved into crucial themes such as diversity and inclusion, thus adding layers of depth and enrichment to the ongoing conversation. As each dialogue drew to a close, it did so with the illumination of actionable points that will guide future endeavors. Ultimately, the Community Conversation transcended its immediate setting, leaving participants with a transformative experience that will resonate far into the future with a lingering reminder: we are part of a whole and we are called to service to that whole.

Closure Remarks

Dr. Dorote Lucci, Co-Chair of the Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the active engagement of all participants in a profoundly enriching conversation. In her address, she underscored the pivotal role of individual perspectives and the paramount importance of mutual respect. Dr. Lucci highlighted the essence of fostering openness and embracing diverse experiences while remaining mindful of personal subjectivity.

Furthermore, Dr. Lucci extended her sincere appreciation to both the distinguished leaders of the conference and the dedicated participants whose valuable contributions are propelling the field of mental health forward. With an invigorating anticipation, she extended a warm invitation to all attendees for the upcoming day of the conference, which will be dedicated to the exploration of transpersonal psychotherapy.

As the day drew to a close, Dr. Lucci took a moment to reflect upon the profound discussions that had transpired. She eloquently emphasized the significance of love as a unifying and transformative force, one that has the power to transcend boundaries and nurture collective growth. Encouraging participants to carry this profound sense of love into the following day and into their future interactions, she offered a stirring reminder of the conference’s schedule and, once again, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all those present.

In the culmination of her address, Dr. Lucci artfully wove together the threads of the day’s achievements, aspirations, and camaraderie. Her words resonated as a harmonious call to action, inspiring everyone to embrace the upcoming sessions with renewed enthusiasm and to approach their interactions with an ever-deepening sense of connection and love.

The conclusion of the Sofia University Global Conference’s inaugural day marked a significant stride in the collective endeavor to advance the discourse on mental health. The sessions were replete with academic rigor, incisive insights, and a genuine commitment to fostering multidisciplinary collaboration. Participants, with varied backgrounds and expertise, coalesced around shared objectives, offering reflections that have set the trajectory for the subsequent sessions. As we look to the days ahead, the initial proceedings have unequivocally established the conference’s prominence in the ongoing dialogue surrounding mental health in the 21st century.


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Global Conference Recap Day 1 – Summary and Highlights

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