Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology

Quick Facts

  • Online
  • Low-Residency

2 years

Average Time To Complete

48 Credits

Total Number of Units

Program Overview

This rigorous, yet transformative, masters- level education is offered during evening and Saturday courses for onsite students. Students that choose our online format have the opportunity to learn from home with a few low residency seminar requirements. Our faculty and staff work together to help students embody their transpersonal, professional identity and to move towards meaningful livelihood.
We are committed to cross-cultural, transformative, learning experiences that embrace reflective scholarship and diverse ways of knowing. We provide a strong foundation in the theories, principles, and practices of transpersonal psychology with specializations in creativity and innovation, spiritual psychology, transformative life coaching, and a concentration in transpersonal ecopsychology.
The curriculum is designed as a transformative journey that includes scholarship, experiential learning, integration, transformation, spiritual disciplines, creative expression, embodiment, and application of transpersonal education. Faculty members facilitate whole-person instruction in a dynamic format within a close learning community. There is a high level of group discussion, participatory learning, and shared experiences.
** Students will attend two contemplative retreats during their second year of study.

Program Highlights

Blending scholarship in transpersonal psychology with meaningful, transformative learning inspires actualization and wholeness in students. This is accomplished through the following:
  • Whole-person, transformative, experiential learning.
  • Collaborative, dynamic participatory classrooms lead by dedicated teachers.
  • Grounding in transpersonal theories, principles, and practices.
  • Reflection on personal stories of transformation.
  • Exploration of transpersonal, spiritual, ecological, and creative practices.
  • Alignment with right livelihood through the development of personal vision and goals.
  • Meaningful practicum experiences.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate a general understanding of the theories, principles, and applications of creativity and creative processes.

Learning Outcome 2: Cultivate transpersonal qualities like mindfulness, discernment, compassion, appreciation of differences, and creativity, and integrate these in their outer world.

Learning Outcome 3: Integrate, embody and apply the theories, practices, and principles of creativity and creative processes.

Learning Outcome 4: Articulate and demonstrate how transpersonal and spiritual psychology can be bridged with creative and innovative processes.

Learning Outcome 5: Engage multiple ways of knowing to acquire and express wisdom, health, and wholeness within the creative process.

Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate an awareness of how world wisdom approaches, diverse perspectives, and ecological consciousness can contribute to creative and innovative processes.

Learning Outcome 7: Demonstrate the ability to creatively, authentically and uniquely apply whole person, transpersonal education in service to the outer world.

“To make a transformative impact in your community, in the world, starts with transforming the individual. I was seeking an educational experience where I could transform myself and learn how to influence and support the positive transformation in others. That is exactly what I have found at Sofia University. Honestly, I found myself here.”

– Travis Gray / MATP Alumnus Class 17′



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