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The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) STEM Program with Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at Sofia University is a rigorous and comprehensive graduate program that provides a sound foundation in core computer science principles and cutting-edge computer science specializations. It provides thorough coverage of the theory of computer science while providing relevant, practical, and applicable knowledge in a broad range of applied and advanced topics that are enhanced by integrating theory and practice in an innovative STEM-based WIL environment. The program focuses on innovative, transpersonal, and transformative learning in the classroom and at the workplace to ensure that students are well prepared for the technical and managerial challenges of the rapidly evolving computing, engineering, and scientific industries as well as the challenges of future academic and research-based endeavors.  

State Authorizations for Distance Education

Sofia University is licensed, registered, authorized, certified, or formally exempt in the following states and territories as indicated on our State Authorizations page. 


Our faculty is comprised of passionate thought-leaders dedicated to bringing their expertise and knowledge to the forefront of all of our programs. Learn more about our MS in Computer Science Faculty members.

Work Integrated Learning-Based Internship Program

A student may participate in the Sofia University Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program which is fully
integrated with the degree program. In this program, they will take a 3credit Internship class in their first quarter. Additionally, after they complete the WIL Internship class, they will be required to take a 0credit Internship class each quarter during their program, which will aid them on their continued internship journey while in the MSCS program. Alternatively, a student may take an elective course in any program including the computer science program, the psychology program, or the business program.

Internship Eligibility for F-1 students:

  • You are a student enrolled in a graduate degree program – For all master’s and doctoral level degrees at Sofia University (including those granted to domestic students), internships are an integral part of the training.
  • Prospective F-1 students who have been in F-1 status and previously enrolled full-time at a college or university in the U.S. for at least one academic year (one academic year at Sofia is defined as three full-time quarters per the academic calendar) in the following, master’s degree programs DO NOT need to fulfill the one-year academic requirement to apply for CPT:


    • Master of Science in Computer Science – MSCS – STEM Cip Code 11.0701.
    • Master’s in Business Administration – MBA – Cip Code 52.0201.


  • In order to obtain approval to participate in an internship, you must be able to show that your curricular practical training directly relates to your major area of study.  When a student files a CPT Authorization Request, this application will be reviewed by a qualified Internship Faculty Advisor. The Internship Faculty Advisor will review the proposed internship experience and sign-off if it adequately correlates with and supports the training objectives of the student’s degree program.
  • All internship participants must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their participation in internships, with certain limited exceptions.
  • For those students unable to find a placement in the first quarter, the university can assist in locating a placement; will help a student to find an appropriate substitute internship, or suggest the filing of a temporary waiver.

To learn more about Sofia’s internship policies for check out our Domestic Internship Handbook and International Internship HandbookOur Internship Handbook will help you learn about our Work Integrated Learning Internship Program, overall qualifications, and internal processes on how to apply.

Quick Facts

Enhanced Experiential Pedagogy

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program at Sofia offers students immediate access to internship opportunities following their acceptance to the university.*

*Offered beginning Fall 2021.

Upcoming Start Dates

Summer – July 3, 2023

Fall – October 2, 2023

Winter – January 8, 2024

Time to degree completion

18 months

The program is designed to be completed in 1.5 years for full-time students (who take 9 units per quarter) and between 2 and 2.5 years for part-time students (less than 9 units per quarter).
The maximum allowable time for degree completion is 4 years.

Per Unit Cost


Estimated Total Cost


Total Number of Units


Admissions Requirements

Check out the Admissions Requirements for this program.


Choose from On-Ground or Hybrid & Weekend Courses

Each term, full-time students take at least six credits, available in online, on-ground, and weekend hybrid formats.  Part-Time and Certificate students can also choose a fully online format, a fully on-ground format, or a mixture of modalities to suit their schedules. For international students on an F-1 Visa, all modalities are available and can be chosen to accommodate F-1 residency requirements.”

Where this Program is Offered

Choose from either of our California locations:

  • Palo Alto, California campus located in Silicon Valley
  • Costa Mesa campus located 25 minutes from Los Angeles

Work Integrated Learning Highlights

Our MSCS STEM program offers a pedagogically integrated Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component that allows all students to participate in a career-based work environment that directly maps to the MSCS curricula.

The WIL program allows students to directly apply their learning in a highly technical environment while being mentored by an experienced Internship Faculty Advisor.

All students have the opportunity of interacting on a weekly basis with other STEM WIL peers to share their professional experiences in the field and provide peer guidance and advice.

All students will be able to learn a wide range of technology skills and apply them to their MSCS program while developing lessons learned documents, work application summaries, and technical products that will reflect on their newly acquired workplace skills.

As a computer science student at Sofia University, this has been a very positive educational experience for me, and I feel very happy that I am a part of it. The faculty really care about the students and the academics are excellent. This is one of the best schools in the Bay area.

Harish MuuvalaAlumnus, MS in Computer Science, Class of 2016

I enrolled in Sofia University’s MSCS program for its rigorous curriculum in advanced computer science topics such as artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics, its Silicon Valley location, and its faculty’s technology industry experience. The course content turned out to be innovative and cutting edge, and the program exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend it!

Ankur SaxenaAlumnus, MS in Computer Science, Class of 2019

Sofia University offers cutting-edge courses and concentrations that are in high demand in the computing industry. As a result, students can choose course concentrations in which they are passionate and be able to find internship opportunities in the Silicon Valley area. In this way, students can apply what they have learned in the professional industry.

I also feel my career prospects are much brighter now versus before I attended Sofia University. My concentrations in AI and Data Science will help me find a data science internship at a prestigious company in Silicon Valley.

Yuan-Jiun (David) SungWinter 2021 Graduate

Key Highlights

Supreme Silicon-Valley Location

Our Northern California campus is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Network with professionals from companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, and explore the bustling and diverse metropolitan city of San Francisco. The accessibility of our Palo Alto campus to a diverse mix of cultural, educational, and recreational resources gives students a little bit of everything.


Our MSCS program is ranked as one of the most affordable online colleges for masters in science. Awarded by Sr. Education Group for the 2019 school year.


AI & Machine Building, Robotics/Drone Computing, and Cybersecurity. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge STEM courses and concentrations that are in high demand.


Sofia is accredited by WASC Western School of Schools and Colleges Commission (WSCUC), the nation's premier regional accreditation body for higher education.


Classes offered in online formats, as well as in evenings and weekends. Because we understand that like many of our students, you're juggling a full-time job, family, and other commitments.


Artificial Intelligence - Data Science

Possible career outcomes include:

» Data Scientist

» Forensic Scientist

» Cyber Security

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Possible career outcomes include:

» Interface Design & Implementation

» Web Developer

» User-Centered Researcher

MS in Computer Science Learning Outcomes


Integrate and apply to a workplace environment, sound computer science principles, logic, and mathematics in an innovative managerial manner in myriad science, technology, and engineering (STEM) industries. 


Integrate into the workplace computer science principles with sound research, writing, and analytic capabilities to foster professional-managerial communications and knowledge expression in science, technology, and engineering (STEM) based industries.


Integrate both inventive and innovative computer science skills and capabilities to become transpersonal, transformative managers and leaders in the science, technology, and engineering (STEM) industries in a demanding technological workplace. 


Integrate sound managerial judgment with computer science skills in the workplace to provide legal and ethical solutions to science, technology, engineering, and management (STEM) problems with responsible, transpersonal, and transformative reflection on the social impacts of those solutions.


To receive a Master of Science in Computer Science degree, a total of 48 units are required for graduation. The following are specific degree requirements:

Plan of Study

The Master of Science in Computer Science STEM-based Work Integrated Learning (WIL) centric curriculum is comprised of the following requirements:


  1. Mandatory Core Courses (27 Units): There are 9 mandatory computer science foundational courses that must be completed. Each course is 3 units for a total of 27 mandatory core units.
  2. Concentration Courses (12 Units): A student is required to select one of two computer science concentrations and complete the 4 mandatory courses in that concentration. Each concentration course is 3 units for a total of 12 concentration course units.
  3. Work Integrated Learning-Based Internship Program (3 Units): A student must complete the Work Integrated Learning Internship program. Students participating in a part-time/full-time internship course will receive one (1 unit) internship credit unit each term and a total of three (3 units) internship academic credits will count towards their graduation requirement.
  4. Elective Course (3 Units): A student may take an elective course in any program including the computer science program, the psychology program, or the business program. A student must take 3 units of electives. These can be a combination of 1, 2, and 3 credit courses.
  5. Capstone Course (3 Units): A student must complete the capstone course in the last term of study. The capstone course is mandatory for all students and is 3 units.

Mandatory Core Courses - 27 units

The following are the program core courses:

• MSCS 2103 -Systems Programming
• MSCS 3801 -Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
• MSCS 3802 -Automata, Computation, and Complexity
• MSCS 3803 -Algorithms in Python and R
• MSCS 2401 -Data Science
• MSCS 2202 -Machine Learning
• MSCS 2101 -Software Engineering
• MSCS 3804 -Cyber Security and Information Assurance
• MSCS 3019 -Data Visualization

Concentrations Courses - 12 units

Students will select one of the following concentrations. All courses in the concentration must be completed to earn that concentration. Substitution of courses is permitted with Program Chair approval.

Artificial Intelligence
• MSCS 3805 -Statistical Analysis for Computer Science
• MSCS 2201 -Artificial Intelligence
• MSCS 3008 -Introduction to Robotics
• MSCS 3806 -Advanced Topics in AI and Machine Learning

Cyber Security and Information Assurance
• MSCS 3920 -Cyber Security: Defense
• MSCS 3921 -Cyber Security: Forensics and Attack Analysis
• MSCS 2219 -Advanced Threat Analysis

Elective Courses - 3 units

A total of 3 units of electives in the computer science, psychology, or business programs must be completed.

Work Integrated Learning-Based Internship Program (3 Units)

• INTC 3000 Full Time Internship for Computer Science
• INTC 3001 Part-Time Internship Computer Science

Capstone Courses - 3 units

The Capstone Course is mandatory and should be completed in the final or next to final term of study.

• MSCS 1022 -Technical Writing and Analysis for Computer Scientists: Capstone

Start Your Sofia Journey

We understand that enrolling in a university to begin your academic journey is a big step. Our dedicated admissions team is here to guide you through the admissions process and identify the right program for you and your career goals. 

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Master of Science in Computer Science – Master’s in Computer Science in Palo Alto and Costa Mesa, CA

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