Master of Business Administration

Course Delivery

  • Hybrid (Online and Onsite Courses)

2 years

Average Time To Complete

48 Credits

Total Number of Units

Program Overview

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program provides students with thorough instruction in business fundamentals and value-driven decision-making, and is combined with opportunities for the development of deep self-knowledge and emotional intelligence that benefit managers across a range of industries and business contexts. The course of study is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, and perspective necessary to foster a culture of value-driven decision-making and organizational well-being in a competitive strategic environment.

The MBA balances traditional business disciplines and focus on the human dimensions of leadership and management. Core Courses provide foundational knowledge of personality, motivation and positive psychology, which are needed by those who manage the relationship of individual and organizational well-being and leading strategic actions to enhance organizational performance and sustainability. Students learn to apply, align, and balance three human strengths in organizational decision-making: rationality and logic (head); emotional intelligence (heart); and deep intuition (soul).

Attention is also given to decision-making, integrating quantitative, behavioral, interpersonal, transpersonal, and organizational perspectives. Business Fundamentals courses provide exposure to the major functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, economics, operations, marketing, strategy, law and ethics, and leadership.

Students complete their program by selecting a Concentration, consisting of courses that provide a professional specialization and foundation for their post-graduate careers. Concentrations are available in:

• Business Analytics
• Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
• Management of Technology and Innovation
• General Concentration


  • Business Analytics
  • Decision Science
  • Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Technology Innovation & Product Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the concepts, tools, practices, and strategies of the core business disciplines to analyze business problems and develop practical solutions.
  • Critically evaluate both quantitative and qualitative data and models to generate insights into trends and business opportunities, and formulate strategic directions and operational plans.
  • Describe and apply theories and practices of transpersonal leadership to the successful management of a business, team, or project.
  • Describe and employ effective approaches to teamwork in multidisciplinary and multicultural settings.
  • Communicate using a variety of media and genres to effectively address the circumstances and intended audience across a range of purposes and settings.
  • Describe the contributions of geopolitics, economics, environmental awareness, social responsibility, sustainability, and cultural diversity to the contemporary global business environment, and develop business strategies that address, integrate and balance these factors.
  • Apply economic models, legal and ethical frameworks, and transpersonal principles to develop value-driven strategies and solutions to business problems and cases.
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