Master of Business Administration

Course Delivery

  • Hybrid (Online and Onsite Courses)

2 years

Average Time To Complete

48 Credits

Total Number of Units

Program Overview

Sofia’s MBA program provides students with thorough knowledge of business fundamentals and data-driven decision-making, in combination with deep self-knowledge and emotional intelligence. The course of study is designed to provide graduates the knowledge, skills, and deep perspective necessary to foster a culture of value-driven decision-making and organizational well-being in a competitive strategic environment.
The Sofia MBA Core consists of interrelated courses designed to give students a powerful new perspective on business administration. These courses provide foundational knowledge of personality, motivation, and positive psychology. This prepares students to understand and manage the relationship of individual well-being to well-being in organizational settings, and to apply leadership and management strategies to enhance organizational performance and sustainability, enhance motivation and commitment, and combat dysfunctional conflict and stress. In addition, core courses provide a solid foundation in decision-making, integrating quantitative, behavioral, interpersonal, transpersonal, and organizational perspectives.
Students learn to apply, align, and balance three human strengths in organizational decision-making: rationality and logic (head), emotional intelligence (heart), and deep intuition (soul). This prepares students to create value by using data to drive decisions in organizational settings.


  • Business Analytics
  • Decision Science
  • Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Technology Innovation & Product Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Program Learning Outcomes

Business Strategy in a Global Environment: Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies in a global environment and understand cultural and diversity issues.

Knowledge: Demonstrate competencies across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles to analyze and evaluate problems and to construct and implement solutions in the business environment.

Communication: Possess effective communication skills, write concisely and analytically and speak in groups and in public clearly, concisely, and analytically.

Critical and Creative Thinking: Demonstrate critical thinking, specifically, employ appropriate analytical and qualitative models, and apply critical reasoning processes to evaluate evidence, select among alternatives, and generate creative options in furtherance of effective decision-making.

Teamwork and Leadership Competencies: Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills and collaborate with a variety of people using elements of effective team dynamics to effectively and appropriately structure teamwork. Lead empathetically and develop organizational strategies built on principles of mindfulness.



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