MATPO – Chinese Language

Exclusive Partnership

The Sofia MATP Online Chinese Language Program is offered in partnership with Beijing Qiwen Education.  Originally established as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), Sofia University is the birthplace of the Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP). Our innovative and multidimensional program combines theory and practice, instilling in you the ability to serve both professional and community settings. The MATP curriculum is designed as a journey to guide you toward a continual deepening, diversifying, and reimagining of your approach to living.

Quick Facts



Time to degree completion

21 Months – 2 Years

Total Number of Units


Program Features

Now, more than ever, our world is in need of mental health professionals looking to help families and individuals overcome the challenges they are facing. Our degree program provides you formal training in the science and practice of family systems therapy and clinical counseling.

Transformative Learning

The program is uniquely designed for transformative learning, integration of transpersonal and wisdom principles, and development and application of skills for personal and professional contribution. According to O’Sullivan, transformative learning fosters enhanced awareness and consciousness in people, communities and frames of reference. It encourages the vision of alternative approaches to living and posits the possibility of social justice, peace, and joy. Students are guided in their cultivation of leadership skills, self-knowing and professional consciousness.


The Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP) degree program offers an opportunity for students to study the theories and practices of transpersonal psychology and prepare to apply this knowledge to a range of professional and community settings. This includes facilitating career advancements in arts and humanities, as well as applied fields such as coaching, consulting, counseling, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Unique Curriculum Design

MATP is the oldest degree program of Sofia (formerly, ITP). This WASC accredited program includes 48 mindfully crafted credit hours by scholar-transpersonalists. Topic areas range from embodied spirituality to transpersonal applications. The MATPO consists of 10 of the original MATP courses, 7 themed seminars with seminal and guest speakers, plus 4 more custom designed credit hours, tailored to China’s current psycho-socio-cultural climate. These custom courses are collaborations with Chinese scholars. They provide not just a foundation to better understand and appreciate how transpersonal psychology has evolved, but also to provide students a window into applying their learning to psychological consultation practices.

The Practicum Year

We invite you to contemplate innovations related to social justice, peace, and joy. Join us in the cultivation of professional leadership skills, transcendent self-awareness, and expanded consciousness. Unlike traditional graduate work, Sofia’s mission has always been focused on transformational growth. This is achieved through reflective work. Students will be tasked to examine the meaning, the emotions, and the evolution of their choices along their lives’ journey. This exploration takes courage and creativity. Through a deeper understanding of the self, a rich cultivation of personal consciousness, and nurturance of professional reflective assignments, students transform.

Program Highlights

Providing students the tools and curriculum to embrace the fullness of your human capacity to help solve the greatest challenges facing society today.
Whole-person, transformative, experiential learning via journals, reflections, and meditative practices and applications.
Grounding in transpersonal theories, principles, and practices.
Exploration of transpersonal, spiritual, ecological, and creative practices via meta-creative projects and intuitive inquiry papers.
. Meaningful critique and interactive experiences through classroom discussions and quarterly seminars.
Collaborative, dynamic participatory classrooms led by dedicated teachers.
Reflection on personal stories of transformation guided by various themed specific prompts and assignments.
Alignment with right livelihood through the development of personal vision and goals as challenged by imagery and order of time practice ethical practices.

Learning Outcomes


Reflect upon the meaning of whole-person development, including growth in mind, body, spirit, creativity, and community, and apply that understanding to their own personal and professional lives.


Blend theories and practices of transpersonal psychology with personal and professional consultation application.


Employ multiple ways of accessing information, expressing self, and working with others in a professional concentration area.


Articulate shifts and developments in their own thought processes, including the assumptions they bring to situations, as these relate to their program of study.


Use reflective scholarship and transpersonal theories and practices to create an action plan that addresses the needs of a community, organization or professional area.


Use reflective scholarship and transpersonal theories and practices to create an action plan that addresses the needs of a community, organization or professional area.