State Authorizations for Distance Education

The U.S. Department of Education requires that any institution offering online programs to students who reside outside of its home state must acquire authorization from the states in which students reside. Regulations vary from state to state and, as such, federal, state, and institutional policies may limit Sofia University’s authorization to deliver online education to students in certain states. Sofia University is licensed, registered, authorized, certified, or formally exempt in the following states and territories as indicated below.

Sofia University continues to monitor the requirements in other states and may modify the below listing of approvals or exemptions.  Please check with the Office of Admissions at or by calling 888.820.1481 for additional information about the state in which you reside.


NOTE: Change in Location of Student

Students must note that changing their location from a state where Sofia meets State requirements to a state where Sofia does not meet State requirements may have consequences including inability to enroll or loss of eligibility for Title IV federal financial aid funds. Students must contact their advisor to discuss any change in location prior to relocation. Should a student relocate to a state in which Sofia University is not authorized to provide distance education, continued enrollment cannot be guaranteed.


Sofia University and its programs have been determined to meet the criteria for exemption from the authorization provisions of AS 14.48, per regulation 20 AAC 17.015(a)(8).









Sofia University is not required to register with the State of Iowa as our programs are not delivered 100% online and require residencies in the State of California.



Students interested in the MA Counseling Psychology degree and licensure in the State of Kentucky should speak with an admissions counselor and faculty advisor prior to submitting an application.





New Jersey

North Carolina

North Dakota

Sofia University is authorized by the North Dakota University System to offer its online programs to North Dakota residents as an exempted institution without a physical presence in North Dakota under North Dakota Century Code 15-18.1.


Sofia University is authorized by the State of Ohio Department of Education to offer clinical/practicum experiences to students located in the state and enrolled in the MA in Counseling Psychology. This authorization does not extend to “on-ground” components in any other Sofia degree program. For more information, contact an Admissions Counselor.


South Dakota






Refund Policy

The Sofia University Tuition Refund Schedule applies to students who drop or are administratively dropped from a course or the institution. For the full policy and refund schedule, please visit

Student Complaints

Students wishing to file a complaint may refer to the Grievance Policy section of the University Catalog for information on state agencies and the complaint process.