Sofia University students are mature individuals from a broad range of professional backgrounds including education, business, health, law and theology who have reached a point in their lives when they desire to pursue areas of personal growth, career development and community contribution. These adult learners range in age from the mid-twenties to the late sixties.

Student life is rich with opportunities to participate in the life of the community. Members of learning communities gather together in numerous ways to learn, form special interest groups and enjoy one another in a social setting.

Some of the community gatherings are as follows—

Harvest Potluck and Talent Show

Each November, Sofia University has its annual Harvest Potluck & Talent Show. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and their families are invited to join the fun. Harvest is a time of honoring the growth of the past year and redirecting attention towards our inner lives. At this time we come together to celebrate the bounty of the season and our Sofia community.

Community Meetings

Several times a year the President schedules Community Meetings to update the community on important University issues and concerns to respond to questions from the community.

Presentation Day

In late spring, a day is set aside to honor our graduating Doctoral students and to be inspired by their innovative research contributions to the field of Transpersonal Psychology.