Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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2 years

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Program Overview

  • Online
  • Low-Residency
The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is a degree-completion program, available to students who have completed a minimum of 75 quarter units (50 semester units) of prior college-level work. Integrating concepts from transpersonal psychology into the study of the main functional areas of business, the program is designed to equip business leaders across industries and organizations with both the personal leadership and business acumen required for a successful career. Students tailor the program to their interests and goals by developing an individually designed Concentration that focuses their studies and prepares them for graduate school or career advancement.
Courses are offered online, with faculty serving as facilitators and tutors. Each quarter students will attend classroom sessions on campus or participate in a field trip to a site relevant to the study and application of business fundamentals to complement their online courses.
** This degree program is unfortunately not available for students needing an F1 Visa

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize fundamental concepts of the business disciplines and apply these when analyzing and solving business problems.
  • Determine when information is needed to address a topic or problem, and locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively and efficiently.
  • Integrate empirical data, ethical considerations and transpersonal values when analyzing and solving business problems.
  • Communicate using a variety of media and genres to effectively address the circumstances and intended audience across a range of purposes and settings.
  • Describe and employ effective management and leadership practices to teamwork in multidisciplinary and multicultural settings.
  • Articulate key concepts and frameworks of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability, and apply them appropriately in professional settings.

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