Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Program Overview

Are you interested in a psychology program that you can tailor to your interests and goals? Rooted in the field of transpersonal psychology, the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology completion program at Sofia is a one-of-a-kind program that provides students with broad exposure to the humanistic and scientific approaches to the study of human cognition, emotions, and behavior. Develop an individualized concentration to focus your studies and prepare you for graduate school or transition to a professional career in case management, family counseling, human resources, public relations or marketing. 
Courses are offered online, with our Palo Alto and Costa Mesa CA faculty serving as facilitators and tutors. Each quarter students also attend classroom sessions on campus or participate in a field trip to a site relevant to the study and application of psychology to complement their online courses.
**This degree program is currently not available for students needing an F1 Visa

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Quick Facts

Upcoming Start Dates

Spring – April 3, 2023

Summer – July 3, 2023

Fall – October 2, 2023

Winter – January 8, 2024

Time to degree completion

2 years

Total Number of Units


Per Unit Cost


Estimated Total Cost



Online + Low-Residency*

*Each quarter students also attend classroom sessions on campus or participate in a field trip to a site relevant to the study and application of psychology to complement their online courses.

Viable Career Paths

Complete your degree and work in such fields as:

Case Manager

Human Resources



Public Relations

Learning Outcomes


Define and compare a broad range of psychological theories, perspectives, methods, and research findings, including those of Transpersonal Psychology and Systems Theory.


Employ best practices of psychological research methodology in their consumption, design, and conduct of basic psychological research.


Apply psychological theories and methods in addressing a problem or issue at an individual or group level.


Communicate effectively using a variety of media and genres to meet the needs of the situation and intended audience across a range of personal and professional purposes and settings.


Reflect upon their own whole-person development, including growth in mind, body, spirit, creativity, and community, and identify opportunities for continuing development.


To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, students must successfully complete 180 quarter units including transfer credit earned at other colleges or universities. The following

General Education - 48 units

The General Education requirement consists of the following content areas:

• 12 units in English and Communication
• 4 units in Mathematical Reasoning
• 12 units in Arts and Humanities
• 12 units in Social Sciences
• 8 units in Physical and Natural Sciences

Transfer students with an associate’s degree from a California community college who completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or equivalent, are waived from taking additional General Education coursework at Sofia. Students who did not complete an associate’s degree will have a transcript audit conducted to determine remaining General Education courses are required to complete the degree.

Core Courses - 60 units

The Core provides broad exposure to the field of psychology and consists of the following required courses:

• PSB100 Introduction to Psychology (4)
• PSB101 Statistical Reasoning in Psychology (4)
• PSB102 Methods of Inquiry (4)
• PSB103 Personality Theory (4)
• PSB201 Abnormal Psychology (4)
• PSB202 Professional Ethics (4)
• PSB203 Foundations of Transpersonal Psychology (4)
• PSB301 Biological Basis of Behavior (4)
• PSB302 Developmental Psychology (4)
• PSB303 Perception and Cognition (4)
• PSB304 Neurodiversity (4)
• PSB401 Somatic Psychology (4)
• PSB402 Social Psychology (4)
• PSB403 Meditation and Mindfulness (4)
• PSB404 Psychology and Social Structure (4)

Concentration Courses - 16 units

Students propose a Concentration that combines courses from the elective pool in psychology, Core and/or Elective Courses in business administration, and independent study in a focused field of psychology. Examples of Concentrations include, but are not limited to, Community and Counseling Psychology, Psychology Research, Media Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

Capstone Project - 8 units

The Capstone Project is divided into two courses and is designed to enable students to integrate the knowledge and skill they have developed as they prepare to graduate and either continue on to a master’s degree or advance in their careers. The two Capstone courses are the following:

• PSB498 Psychology Capstone I (4)
• PSB499 Psychology Capstone II (4)

Elective Courses - 48 units

Students complete their bachelor’s program by selecting courses that complement their Concentration, prepare them for additional career options and advanced study in the field, and enable them to explore new areas of interest. In addition to the courses below, students may select Elective Courses from the BS in Business Administration program, with approval of the Program Chair:

• PSB405 The Impact of Technology on Human Wellbeing (4)
• PSB406 The Psychology of Drug Use (4)
• PSB407 Psychology and Gender (4)
• PSB408 The Psychology of Sustainability (4)
• PSB409 The Psychology of Disability (4)
• PSB410 Psychology and Public Health (4)
• PSB411 The Psychology of Pain (4)
• PSB412 Child Psychology (4)
• PSB413 The Psychology of Adolescence (4)
• PSB414 Human Sexuality (4)
• PSB415 Psychology of Delinquency (4)
• PSB416 Psychology of Emotion (4)
• PSB417 Sports Psychology (4)
• PSB418 Forensic Psychology (4)
• PSB419 Leadership and Transpersonal Psychology (4)
• HUM490 Advanced Topics in the Humanities (4)
• SOC490 Advanced Topics in the Social Sciences (4)

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Bachelor’s Degrees in Palo Alto and Costa Mesa, CA

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