MBA – Chinese Language

Quick Facts

  • Online

1.5 years

Average Time To Complete

48 Credits

Total Number of Units

Program Overview

Choosing Sofia’s MBA program in the United States was accidental but inevitable. I felt that an MBA would broaden my knowledge and skill, providing me with a broad range of business skills that would help me when it came to understanding what needed to be done either for growth in my professional working environments and to manage difficult periods in other scenarios. Sofia’s MBA online platform works perfectly for my time because I work for a real estate company, same as Keller Williams, both of which are two major American real estate companies. I learned a lot through this program, and beyond the academics, I’ve met lifelong friends.

Jacky Su( Xiaojiang Su),Alumnus, MBAO, Class of 2018

I decided to apply for Sofia’s MBA program because of its systematic curriculum system and combination of psychology courses, as well as its online accessibility. I started this learning journey but I didn’t realize this learning journey would become a turning point of “life change”. Here I found my favorite subject – positive psychology – and met lifelong friends, (classmates). Through this program, I met people I never imagined I’d be able to meet, and I accomplished all I wanted to do academically. What I have gained is not only a degree but also a clearer goal and life plan.

Kathy Kuang ( Jing Kuang)Alumna, MBAO, Class of 2016
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