2024 Global Mental Health Conference

2024 Global Mental Health Conference

Announcing Sofia University’s 2nd Annual Global Conference!

Join us on a transformative journey at Sofia University 2nd annual Global Conference, where we chart a new holistic learning, mental health, and well-being course throughout the year.

Our series of global meets local events will reach its pinnacle in August this year. We invite you to discover the insights and highlights we have gathered over the year at our culminating event. Set for August 16th – 18th, this gathering will be held in Costa Mesa, California, offering a hybrid format to ensure global participation and local engagement. Join us on our beautiful Orange County campus for this unique blend of global connection and local presence.

Be part of this evolving story of transformation, integration, and hope. Contribute your voice and experiences to a global dialogue that shapes the future of innovative and integrative education and mental health. Reserve your place today and join a community committed to advancing holistic learning and well-being.

Under the inspiring theme Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom: An Integrative Approach to Advancing Mental Health and Well-Being Local, Global and Beyond! This conference weaves together a rich tapestry of knowledge, innovation, and growth across multiple interconnected themes.

Conference Key Themes

Delve into the realm where diverse fields converge to explore the mysteries of consciousness, setting the groundwork for a holistic understanding of the human experience. This theme highlights the synergy between cutting-edge science and holistic wisdom, advocating for a multifaceted scientific exploration that (enriches our mind, body, and spirit comprehension.)

Experience the fusion of holistic evidence-based education principles with the latest in teacher education and pedagogy. Learn about empowering educators with innovative methodologies to create environments that foster students intellectual, emotional, social, somatic, and integral development. This theme is a testament to the role of educators as pivotal agents of change in the narrative of holistic learning.

Focus on whole person methodologies and strategies designed to empower the younger generation, equipping them with the necessary skills for crafting a resilient and inclusive future. This theme accentuates the pivotal role of technology, holistic education, and global engagement in developing new narratives for youth, underlining the importance of clinical insight in fostering mental health and well-being among young people. Project: Narratives for Youth-Redefining the Future: Engage with strategies to empower the younger generation, equipping them with the skills to shape a resilient, inclusive future. This project emphasizes the crucial role of global engagement in crafting new narratives for youth, by youth.

Exploring the profound impact of wisdom traditions on mental health and well-being. This theme delves into the importance of cultural diversity and traditional practices, merging ancient wisdom with evidence based innovative approaches to enhance community mental health.(bridging ancient wisdom traditions with innovative approaches to evidence-based community mental health.)

Discover innovative counseling techniques and the integration of positive, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology. This culminating theme focuses on nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence, and a deeper understanding of the self, highlighting the crucial role of counseling in whole person mental health and personal development.

This theme within the conference focuses on integrating emerging trends and holistic approaches in the counseling field. It aims to showcase how combining traditional therapeutic methods with innovative practices—such as technology-assisted therapies, mindfulness, and integrative mental health strategies—can offer comprehensive support for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The theme emphasizes the importance of cultural competence, ethical considerations, resilience, and self-awareness in clients. Through case studies, training opportunities, and discussions on the future of counseling, participants will explore the transformative potential of modern counseling techniques. This theme represents a forward-looking approach to counseling, advocating for a multidimensional and inclusive practice that aligns with the evolving needs of society and advances in psychological research.

–This conference theme emphasizes the evolution and integration of emerging trends within counseling, aiming to blend traditional therapeutic techniques with modern innovations such as technology-assisted therapies, mindfulness, and comprehensive mental health strategies. It highlights the significance of a holistic approach to well-being, addressing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. The theme stresses the importance of cultural competence, ethical practice, resilience, and self awareness, encouraging the exploration of these areas through case studies, training sessions, and discussions on counseling future. It presents a forward-thinking stance on counseling, advocating for a multidimensional, inclusive practice in tune with societal shifts and psychological advancements. This approach seeks to enhance resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-understanding, underlining counseling vital role in fostering overall mental health and personal development.

“Innovating Wellness: From Research to Reality” is designed to bridge the gap between groundbreaking mental health and well-being research and tangible, market ready solutions. This track will focus on the lifecycle of innovation in the mental health and whole person health space, from initial discovery through applied research, culminating in developing products, services, and interventions ready for widespread adoption. Participants will engage with leading thinkers and doers in a dynamic ecosystem to foster rapid prototyping, iterative feedback, and collaborative ventures.

Key Components

  • Focus on identifying promising research in mental health and well-being that can potentially be applied.
  • Workshops on turning research into viable product proposals, emphasizing user-centered design and ethical considerations.


  • Panels and mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in mental health technology, focusing on the steps required to move from concept to prototype to market.
  • Case studies of successful mental health startups focus on overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities in the health and wellness sector.
  • Deep dives into product development methodologies, including agile and lean startup principles, specifically tailored to the mental health and wellness domain.
  • Strategy sessions on market analysis, positioning, and launch plans, with a special emphasis on digital health solutions and community-based interventions.
  • Networking events designed to foster partnerships between researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Collaboration labs where teams can pitch ideas and receive real-time feedback from a panel of experts, potential users, and peers.
  • Discussions on ethical considerations, cultural competence, and the integration of local wisdom traditions in global market strategies.
  • Strategies for scaling interventions sustainably, including considerations for regulatory compliance, funding, regenerative methodologies and ongoing research and development.
  • Launch of a dedicated incubator program for mental health innovation post-conference, supporting select projects with mentorship, funding, and resources.
  • Establishment of a collaborative network for ongoing knowledge exchange, innovation, and commercialization of mental health solutions.

Integration with Conference Themes

This track will not only complement the existing themes but also provide a tangible pathway for translating the insights gained from the conference into actionable, impactful solutions. It will highlight the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and educators to co-create the future of mental health and well- being.

New Subtheme integrating the Pathways to Peace Conference

“Integrative Pathways: Bridging Consciousness, Healing, and Peace,” would leverage each speaker’s unique contributions and perspectives to create a multidisciplinary dialogue focused on advancing well-being and peace on both personal and societal levels.

Session Themes and Speaker Contributions

Gladys McGary : A session on the evolution of holistic medicine, exploring its roots, impact, and future directions. McGary could share her journey, highlighting the integration of alternative therapies like acupuncture within conventional medical practice and her vision for a unified healing model.

Jim Garrison : A deep dive into the implications of expanding human consciousness for global peace, focusing on Garrison’s work with the New Paradigm Institute and Humanity Rising Network. This session could explore the transformative potential of global broadcasts and dialogues on peace.

Maria Cristina De Barros & Les Lancaster : Jointly leading a session on the essence and applications of transpersonal psychology, emphasizing personal development, spirituality, and the collective unconscious. Their work in advancing transpersonal psychology education and practice would provide profound insights into healing and growth.

Joyce Hope Scott & Roger Walsh : Exploring the intersection of cultural studies, African reparations, and global wisdom traditions in healing societal wounds and fostering global solidarity. This session could offer perspectives on healing justice and the role of contemplative practices in societal transformation.

Mikhail Mianie & Marilyn Schlitz : A session on cutting-edge research and educational approaches to consciousness and human transformation, discussing integrating scientific and spiritual perspectives in understanding human potential and healing.

Pier Luigi Lattuada & Carroy Cuf Ferguson : An exploration of the principles and practices of transpersonal psychotherapy and humanistic psychology, focusing on holistic approaches to mental health, empowerment, and well-being. This session would cover innovative therapeutic modalities and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in psychological practice.

Expected Outcomes

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Foster partnerships among practitioners, researchers, and educators from diverse fields to work on integrative solutions for healing and peace.

  • Educational Resources: Produce a compilation of teachings, practices, and research findings presented during the track for broader dissemination.

  • Community Engagement: Initiate community projects or global initiatives inspired by the insights and collaborations formed during the track.

Integration with Global Conference Main and SubThemes

Through its multifaceted exploration of consciousness, healing, and peace, this track aligns with and enriches the conference's overarching goal of advancing mental health and well-being from a holistic perspective. It highlights the interconnectedness of individual well-being and global peace, embodying the conference’s vision of “Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom.”;

The thread throughout the conference-A Unified Vision for the Future: As the conference concludes, we present a unified vision where education transcends traditional boundaries, empowering youth, embracing diverse traditions, and recognizing counseling as a cornerstone of mental well-being. Global meets local- Our series of “global meets local” events will reach its pinnacle in August this year. We invite you to discover the insights and highlights we have gathered over the year at our culminating event.

The 2nd annual Global Conference at Sofia University is more than an event; it is a milestone towards nurturing the whole person.

Be part of this evolving story of transformation, integration, and hope. Contribute your voice and experiences to a global dialogue that shapes the future of innovative and integrative education and mental health. Reserve your place today and join a community committed to advancing holistic learning and well-being.

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2024 Global Mental Health Conference

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