Sofia University

1069 East Meadow Circle
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Click here for directions to Sofia.

General number: (650) 493-4430

Sofia offices and Library are open Monday through Friday with the exception of these Holidays. Library opens  on weekends when classes are on sessions.

If you are not sure who to contact, email and we will get your message to the right place.


Office Topics Ext Email
Accounting Office Tuition payment and fees Ext 270
Address or Phone Number Changes For making any changes to your address or phone number Ext 240
Admissions Office Program Transfers and Advanced Standing Application Ext 272
Dissertation Office All issues related to Dissertation Ext 255
eFolio Support All issues related to eFolio
Facility Support All issues related to facility and rental Ext 262
Financial Aid Office All Financial aid issues and questions Ext 243
Sofia University IT Department Helpdesk Issues when using Canvas, Portal, or Email Ext 222
Library All research needs and questions Ext 221
Program Services Team All general issues and questions will be responded to within one business day. Ext 225
Registrar Office Tuition Charges; Academic Progress; Grades; Student IDs; Class Registration; Transcripts; Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Ext 240
Student Services Office Disability Issues; Student Complaints; Scholarships; Student Issues; Academic Policies; Student IDs Ext 225
Thesis Office All issues related to Thesis Ext 277
Writing Lab All Writing Lab issues and questions No phone