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Since 1975, Sofia University has aspired to be a leader in transformative higher education offering students an education that transcends beyond a traditional learning environment. Students of Sofia are passionate individuals that recognize the need to be a part of something greater than themselves and seek an education that will provide them with the tools to empower themselves and their community. As a result, the students who have passed through Sofia University have gone on to experience life-changing pursuits, as well as to positively impact the world around them. Today, Sofia University continues to add new programs to broaden its focus by applying its transformative values to research, business, and computer science.

Sofia University is WASC accredited and offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in the fields of psychology, business and computer science. Located in Palo Alto, California, the University provides both on campus and online programs, giving students the flexibility to further their education in a format that best suits their schedule and needs.

Sofia University is an equal opportunity employer

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Open Positions

International Student Services Advisor
International Student Services Advisor
Reports to: VP of Global Strategy and Operations
Department: International Office
Classification: Full-time, Non-Exempt
General Description:
Under the direction of the VP of Global Strategy and, the incumbent will be responsible for a broad range of student services including student advising, orientation sessions, workshops, and other activities in support of international student success. The incumbent will serve as the primary contact for international student life and will be responsible for planning and coordinating activities and events related to enhancing the international student experience at Sofia University. The incumbent will also focus on the academic progress of international students and work with them to seek appropriate support services on campus, as well as provide programming and events in support of their academic success. Additionally, the incumbent will serve as a campus Designated School Official (DSO) and will assist with Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) registration, advising for reinstatement, leaves of absence, changes of status, authorizations, and terminations.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Serve as Designated School Official approved by DHS to issue immigration documents and grant immigration benefits to students in F-1 visa status
  • Assist with advising international students and their dependents and help them maintain lawful immigration status through continuous education on immigration regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Assist with Reviewing and determine the eligibility of prospective students; grant admission and issue immigration documents necessary to obtain the F-1 student visa. Advise students on the process for obtaining the student visa at the US embassy.
  • Assist with ensuring institutional compliance with federal regulations by performing timely and accurate registration and reporting of all F-1 students to the government.
  • Assist with monitor academic progress of international students and report this information to DHS on a regular basis, using the SEVIS web-based tracking system.
  • Assist students with registration and payment problems, and university policies and procedures.
  • Assist with developing written instructions for students to apply for federal benefits, such as work permission or change of visa status.
  • Assist with compiling and submitting detailed statistical reports on F-1 students.
  • Assist with new student orientations for International students.
  • Assist with advising and guiding international scholars and students on immigration, visa, employment, cultural adjustment and transition matters such as applying for SSN, Driver’s license, bank accounts, etc.
  • Assist with verifying eligibility and issue visa documents (DS-2019, I-20).
  • Assist with maintaining accuracy and integrity of immigration-related records in institute files.
  • Assist with guiding students through employment authorization applications such as OPT, OPT STEM Extension, CPT, and economic hardship.
  • Assist with preparing correspondence and official letters to support visa applications and/or funding from international agencies.
  • Assist with general office administrative duties, such as handling mail, telephone, mail, handling of forms, maintaining and ensuring security of confidential paper and electronic records.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required. A master’s degree is preferred.
  • Strong preference for candidates with 3 years of experience as a registrar or DSO in an academic setting; or similar experience.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Prior work experience with international students, F-1 and J-1 regulations is preferred.
  • Excellent communication and customer-relation skills
  • Successfully manage multiple projects
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with diverse constituents
  • Sofia University, FPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Bachelor's Completion Program Chair
Reports to: Provost
Department: Academics
Classification: Full-time, Non-Exempt
General Description:
Sofia University is seeking a Program Chair for its undergraduate degree completion programs. Students are currently enrolled in a psychology degree online. There is an immediate opportunity to build a degree completion program in business, also online. As an administrator, the Program Chair has the primary responsibility for communicating the views of their faculty members to the larger University community, and, when evidenced, University concerns to their faculty. In consultation with program members, the Program Chair has the primary responsibility and authority for:
  • Ensuring a healthy learning environment in their programs.
  • Formulating and communicating recommendations for hiring, promotion, retention, and evaluation of faculty and support staff.
  • Establishing programmatic budget priorities and allocations.
  • Recommending teaching assignments and teaching times to the Registrar’s office and regulating faculty workloads.
  • Specifying the number of classes taught, and any additional work responsibilities, in an Appendix to faculty contracts.
  • Mentoring new and existing faculty on university policies and procedures and providing support for them to become and remain effective faculty members.
  • Developing and articulating programmatic goals.
  • Ensuring that faculty members are fully engaged in programmatic and general faculty duties.
Program Chair's Responsibilities:
  • Represent, and advocate for, their program to Sofia's administration and outside constituencies.
  • Act as mentors to students, faculty and staff.
  • Respond to student petitions, help needed with degree applications, complaints, requests, etc.
  • Manage the day-to-day tasks related to the successful operation of their programs.
  • Supervise and evaluate support staff.
  • Develop and monitor the departmental budget request.
  • Submit course schedules for various terms.
  • Manage faculty leaves, issues, compliance with university policies.
  • Process paperwork for various committees and offices (course proposals, etc.)
  • Manage the departmental assessment process and conducting periodic departmental reviews.
  • Collect and manage syllabi and assessment documents.
  • Preside at department meetings.
  • Provide liaison to the administration and other Sofia University departments.
  • Support continuous improvement of teaching and learning; periodically observe faculty teaching; solicit and provide feedback on pedagogy; encourage faculty development.
  • Participate in faculty searches; mentor and support new faculty members as needed.
  • Participate in the Provost Council and organize Undergraduate faculty meetings.
  • Provide support as needed for open houses, outreach activities, and marketing.
  • Lead the continuous improvement of undergraduate programs through curriculum review.
  • Teach up to 2 sections (or 6 units) of courses per academic quarter, up to 21 units per academic year. Teaching load can be reduced when teaching two or more different courses in the same quarter or preparing courses taught for the first time. With Provost approval, teaching load also may be reduced to allow time for programmatic activities, such as:
  • Maintaining WASC compliance; achieving ACBSP accreditation.
  • Curriculum development, review and revision.
  • Developing/improving organizational processes.
  • Program assessments, annual reviews, and self-studies.
  • Evaluating and institutionalizing methods, technologies, and techniques to achieve excellence in online education; developing a Center for Teaching and Learning;
  • Interviewing, onboarding, orienting, and mentoring faculty.
  • Organizing/delivering on-site seminars, workshops and study tours.
  • Advising students, approving and overseeing student internships and projects.
  • Developing media for social network marketing and inbound marketing.
  • Developing articulation agreements with undergraduate business schools.
  • Establishing and utilizing an advisory board for Undergraduate programs.
  • Developing corporate sponsors/partners and internship opportunities.
  • Qualifications:
    • Master’s degree in Psychology or similar discipline required (Doctorate Degree preferred)
    • Previous Experience in Managing a Program preferred
    • Sofia University, FPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
International Admissions Counselor - (bilingual Chinese)
International Admissions Counselor - (bilingual Chinese)
Reports to: VP of Marketing and Enrollment Manager
Department: Admissions
Classification: Full-time, Exempt
General Description:
The International Admissions Counselor is responsible for responsible for guiding prospective international mostly Chinese students toward choosing the educational program at Sofia that aligns with their professional aims. Admissions Counselor assists international students in acquiring essential and relevant information regarding program objectives and potential career paths as well as supporting them through the application process.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Represent the University both on- and off-campus to a prospective students, parents, secondary school counselors and other individuals or organizations involved in the college selection process.
  • Plan and implement recruitment activities for assigned high schools and territories, including travel to distant sites and events.
  • Participate in recruitment and enrollment activities including: open houses, regional presentations, training sessions, orientation programs, career days, etc.
  • Counsel prospective applicants on the admissions process and opportunities at the University. One-on-one admissions counseling to diverse populations is an important responsibility of this position. Admissions counseling occurs primarily by in-person appointments, phone calls and emails.
  • Review and score application essays and other materials submitted by applicants for the purposes of making admission decisions.
  • Manage inquiries to achieve prompt contact and performance activity; utilize approved recruitment policies/formats; make prompt and effective contact with inquiries and redirect candidates based upon incompatible career goals.
  • Secure new inquires by asking for referrals of other to contact about the University offerings.
  • Process internet application and complete applications
  • Send acceptance letters and maintain communication with students
  • Call, email, and meet with prospective student and explain admission process
  • Create and maintain relationships with agencies and the surrounding community
  • Assist with maintaining accuracy and integrity of immigration-related records in institute files.
  • Conduct all activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
  • Adhere to all state, and federal accreditation and University rules and regulations regarding student recruitment
  • Accurately and completely portray University educational programs, expected outcomes, student services, and financial consideration to students, parents, and educators.
  • Accurately forecast projected new students on a periodic basis for the Director of Admissions
  • Assist the Registrar as needed with creating courses, registering students, entering grades, and transcript request.
  • Assist the DSO in collecting required documentation and other miscellaneous assignments
  • Consistently conduct follow up monthly at minimum with all applicants to ensure successful matriculation. Assist other personnel and departments with data collection and problem
  • A bachelor’s degree in related area.
  • Preference for candidate with 2 years of experience as international admissions counselor or similar experience.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in English and Chinese.
  • Ability to be proactive, work under minimal supervision, with an appreciation for innovation and creativity
  • Highly motivated self-starter with strong analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills with ability to troubleshoot complex issues and implement systemic solutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft office, CRM database
  • High energy, meticulous attention to detail, and keen organizational skills highly desirable
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a proactively diverse and inclusive culture and effectively collaborate with all Departments across the organization.
  • Sofia University, FPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Mid-Level System Administrator
Mid-Level System Administrator
Reports to:IT Manager
Department: IT
Classification: Full-time, Exempt
General Description:
We are currently seeking for an experienced System Administrator to join our team. The System Administrator must have a deep and broad knowledge of computer software, hardware and networks. S/He will be responsible for designing, organizing, modifying, and supporting our company’s computer systems. The System Administrator will design and oversee local area networks, wide area networks, and network segments. Daily tasks may include installing, upgrading and monitoring software and hardware as well as end-user support. The System Administrator will maintain the essentials such as operating systems, business applications, security tools, web-servers, email, laptop, and desktop PCs.
Job Requirements
  • Linux/Unix/OS installation & customization.
  • Technology fundamentals including TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, SSH, NFS, iSCSI
  • NFS & shared file systems
  • Apache configuration & management
  • RConfiguration of sendmail/postfix/generic email servers (or SMTP based)
  • Fluent with at least two programming or scripting tools (e.g. BASH, PYTHON, PERL,PHP, or equivalent)
  • Solid knowledge with cloud hosting server (Aws/Rack space)
  • Solid knowledge with data migrations
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Resourcefulness and problem-solving aptitude
Job Role
  • Ensure the 24 x 7 availability of network services for the business in all production servers
  • Monitor/analyze/support LAN/Wifi/WAN infrastructure to ensure reliable, secure, and efficient network operations
  • Configure, setup, and manage switches, routers, firewalls, wireless devices, Radius server
  • Add and maintain users on the network; assigning application access, ensuring security, and maintaining their configurations are within standards
  • Provide technical computer and network support relating to software and hardware problems reported by users
  • Maintain high-level and detailed network diagrams for all sections of the LAN
  • Manage Symantec backup and restore system and Ghost imaging system
  • Collaborate and coordinate with all IT and internal business groups to manage projects
  • Maintain servers for minimal downtime
  • Provide end-user support
  • Responsibilities sometimes require working evenings and weekends, sometimes with little advanced notice.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Technology, or related field
  • 2+ years experience as a system administrator, network administrator, or similar role
  • Sofia University, FPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer