Maintaining Status

1. Registration

Students are required to register for courses by the registration deadline and no later than the last day of the add/drop deadline.

Per Sofia University’s policies, all F1 international students must register by the 1 st day of class of each quarter. Failure to register will result in termination. Please note that initial students from abroad must start class within 30 days after the arrival date.

2. International Students are required to enroll in a Full-Time course load:
  • Undergraduate student is required to enroll minimum 12 credits per quarter.
  • Graduate student is required to enroll minimum 9 credits per quarter depending on your program.

Online courses:

All degree students may enroll for one online class or 3 credits per quarter if the class does not require the student’s physical attendance for classes. Online class includes CPT, Capstone project or any classes that not required a student to be in class for more than 30 hours per quarter.

3. Attendance

Students are expected to attend all residential course meetings and complete all assigned course work. If an absence is expected during the quarter, the student should ask permission from the instructor ahead of time. Student must maintain minimum 70% attendance each class in each quarter. Students who fail to maintain attendance may result in termination and a failing grade. Student must attend minimum 80% in each session. Attending lower than 80% of each session will be considered as "absent".

4. Update student's information

A student is required to inform the update of his/her name, address, phone number, email etc. within 10 days after the change.

Reduced Course Load/Drop Below Full Course (Student may allowed to reduce course load or drop below full course if:)

1. Academic Difficulties
  • Reduced course load only.
  • Can be used for initial academic term only.
  • Undergraduate student must maintain minimum 6 credit course load or 4.5 credit for graduate student which not include online classes.
  • Student must begin a full course study at the next term.
2. Medical Condition
  • Student must provide medical document from MD, Doctor of Osteopathy or Clinical Psychologist only.
  • Reduced course load or drop below full course. In this case, medical condition and period of time that doctor recommended the student to take time off school should be specific in the medical document. However, the student will be approved for the RCL for maximum 1 quarter each time. If the student would like to request the RCL again, the new medical document must be submitted to DSO.
  • Cannot exceed 12 months for each program.
3. To completed Course of Study in the Current term

In this case, student must enroll for at least one required class and it cannot be online class.

Program Extension

The student who is authorized to take RCL/drop below full course, take annual vacation, and retake any classes per academic approval should request program extension before I20 is expired. In this case, student should submit the program extension request form along with the new bank statement that covers for the time extended. The program extension request form can be downloaded here: International - PROGRAM EXTENSION REQUEST FORM.

60 days grace period

After student completes the program, student is eligible for 60 days period to stay in the US before return home country or transfer out to another school. Per Sofia University’s policies, if student who completes the program from Sofia University and would like to enroll to another program offered by Sofia University, is not allowed to take 60 days grace period so that student must enroll by the registration deadline of the next available quarter.

Transfer Out

Student who decides to transfer out to another school should provide DSO with the acceptance letter from the transfer-in school.

Per Sofia University’s regulation, student must fill out the transfer out form and clear all the current balance before transfer released date. The transfer out form can be downloaded here: International - TRANSFER OUT FORM.

Student needs to maintain his/her attendance until the transfer released date if classes are in session.

Transfer released date is the current semester or session completion date, or the date of expected transfer which cannot be more than 6 months in the future. Student can transfer out though does not complete a term.

Student whose application for reinstatement is still pending should not transfer out because it will cause the pending application to be cancelled. If the student still would like to transfer out to another school, DSO should cancel the reinstatement request in SEVIS. Then student will need to apply for reinstatement with the transfer-in school. Student is authorized to work both on-campus and off-campus until transfer released date.

Terminate/Complete the Record

1. Terminate the record

Student will be terminated if:

  • No longer participating in a program of study at an SEVP-certified school or approved post-completion OPT
  • Potentially out of status
  • No longer an F-1 or M-1 nonimmigrant student
  • Out of the country for more than five months and not enrolled full time
  • Denied an application for certain adjudicated benefits
2. Complete the record

SEVIS record is completed when student finishes the program. For F-1 student, his/her record will be automatically completed on the 60 days after the program or OPT end date. Student should use this time to return his/her home country.