Student Life

Student Life

Sofia University students are mature individuals from a broad range of professional backgrounds including education, business, health, law and theology who have reached a point in their lives when they desire to pursue areas of personal growth, career development and community contribution. These adult learners range in age from the mid-twenties to the late sixties, and include members of our armed forces. Meet two of them here. Student life is rich with opportunities to participate in the life of the community. Members of learning communities gather together in numerous ways to learn, form special interest groups and enjoy one another in a social setting.

Learn more about our community life by clicking on the Community Voice Newsletters link  and see what our students, alumni and faculty have been up to. You can also learn more about our Sofia family by reading our blogs - Sofia U and Research and Learning.

Some of the community gatherings are as follows—

Global Seminars & New Student Orientations

Twice a year, the global and low-residency programs for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology meet together to bring their community close and to share courses in person. Every quarter, our new students come together to learn more about the university and meet current and new students. Check out the fun and laughs!

Community Town Hall Meetings

Several times a year the President schedules Community Meetings to update the community on important University issues and concerns to respond to questions from the community.

Diwalli Harvest Potluck and Talent Show

Each November, Sofia University has its annual Harvest Potluck & Talent Show. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and their families are invited to join the fun. Harvest is a time of honoring the growth of the past year and redirecting attention towards our inner lives. At this time we come together to celebrate the bounty of the season and our Sofia community.  We also couple this event with the Diwalli festival of physical and spiritual light celebration.  For Diwalli we dedicate a day of drawing and creative expression with Diwali Rangoli Art material.

Celebrating the Holiday

We enjoy looking back at the end of the year. Take a moment to enjoy a photo collage from 2015 and our video from 2016.

Chinese New Year

Each Chinese New Year, Sofia University celebrates with Chinese food, decors, raffle activity, and red envelopes.  We come together to celebrate this tradition with our Chinese students, staff, and faculty.

Black History Month

Each February for one week, Sofia celebrates Black History Month by displaying information and presentation of the exceptional accomplishments and contributions made by African Americans.  At the end of the month we gather together for fun fact activity and food.

Art Exhibits

Students with a creative flair choose to share their art with us. MATP alumnus, Ulises Charles, has gifted Sofia University with his photography as well as Kirsi Engels. See a few pieces of his art.  See Kirsi's art.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is a student-run, shared governance organization that ensures adequate student representation from on-campus and hybrid programs in the daily operations of Sofia University. For more information about the many services we provide to our students, please contact us at


We are dedicated to highlighting, supporting and celebrating the diversity of our students, staff and faculty at Sofia University. Our community has a deep commitment to developing and maintaining an environment where all members of the community are valued and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, religion, age, physical ability, medical condition, or political orientation.

Diversity at Sofia University is supported on multiple levels by committed action. For example, faculty must demonstrate highly developed awareness and skills in diversity/cultural competency. We routinely provide training, either on campus or through participation in off-site training programs and workshops for faculty, students, and staff. We have also initiated a major project designed to facilitate the inclusion of literature representing diverse perspectives into our courses and to ensure that diversity issues are explicitly addressed in course work.

We also have a team that is dedicated to raising awareness of and celebrating diversity here at Sofia. The Committee on Diversity and Equity (CODE) is a cross-constituency diversity-focused advisory and support committee consisting of students, staff, and faculty. CODE is dedicated to mobilizing Sofia’s community (staff, faculty, students, and board of trustees) to create a culture that supports all the diversities within Sofia and works to ensure equity within each of the sub-communities as well as in the whole community – especially as related to those diversities. The team does this through acting as sponsors for events, dialoging with the administration about diversity matters, and working on strategic projects. The team meets every two weeks during the on-campus academic year and new members are welcome.

For more information about diversity at Sofia or the work of CODE, please email us at


Student Disability Services

Sofia University is committed to making reasonable accommodations to provide equal educational opportunity and full participation for qualified persons with disabilities. It is the university’s policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any university program or activity, be declined the benefits of any university program or activity, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination with regard to any university program or activity. Sofia University and the Student Disability Services (SDS) Office reserve the right to change policies without prior notice. As changes or updates occur, SDS will make every effort to provide current policies and procedures to our students with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Disability Services (SDS) is to support our adult student learners with a qualified disability in participating fully in campus life, its programs and activities. Sofia University values the qualities of mindfulness, discernment, compassion and appreciation of differences and embraces whole-person education that supports personal and community transformation. We encourage growth and individual achievement for our adult learners with a disability through the provision of academic accommodations, support services, self-advocacy, and disability and related educational programs for the community.


To accomplish its mission, Student Disability Services has established five goals:

  • To deliver effective academically related services to students which support their scholarly pursuits.
  • To advocate for the needs and interest of students, as well as to enrich and educate the campus community about our values and the services we offer.
  • To promote and foster an accepting, accessible campus environment in all the programs and services Sofia University offers.
  • To empower students with disabilities to advocate on their own behalf, and to enrich students with the skills to be productive citizens.
  • To productively administer the resources available to Student Disability Services and provide quality customer service.

Operating Philosophy

Student Disability Services (SDS) functions to determine qualified disability status and to assist students in obtaining reasonable accommodations and services. SDS strives to empower each student to become as independent as possible and is designed to encourage independence, backed by a comprehensive system of supports.


Clinical and Praxis Services

Our director of Clinical and Praxis Services advises students regarding practicum, praxis and internship-field work experience for students in most on campus programs and offers some support for students enrolled in hybrid online/face-to-face programs. This includes individual and group sessions related to application process, resume building, interviewing skills, site search assistance, on-site training issues and site development. For information, contact Roni Gillenson, LMFT, Director of Clinical and Praxis Services, by calling (650) 493-4430, ext. 305, or by email at for MACP and Dr. Kelly Yi by email at kelly.yi@Sofia.edufor PsyD Program.

The Writing and Research Center (WRC)

The Writing & Research Center (WRC) is one of several academic centers at Sofia University. The main goal of the WRC is to foster academic excellence across Sofia programs by supporting Sofia students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of rigorous scholarship that furthers the Sofia mission as a dynamic and passionate learning community. The WRC houses the Writing Lab, the Dissertation Office, the Thesis Office, and the Research Ethics Committee (REC). We work together to serve the Sofia community. Contact us at:

Writing Lab:
Dissertation Office:
Thesis Office:
Research Ethics Committee:


Career Resource Center (CRC)

The mission of the Career Resource Center is to promote the success and prosperity of our students and alumni by facilitating your personal and professional growth and development, and by assisting you in bringing your own special gifts to the world with purpose, confidence and joy. On average, individuals in the USA will experience between three to seven major career transitions during the course of their work-life. While we cannot promise to “place" our alumni in jobs, our services and expertise can make the transitions easier. Check out this article "What Can I Do To Find Full-Time Employment in My Field?" to give you some helpful tips on your job search.

Contact the Career Resource Center by calling (650) 493-4430, ext. 292, or by email at

Career Services

For those students seeking to change careers or explore new career opportunities, we offer career services support, including resume review and evaluation, career planning workshops, and access to career services specialists for advice and support. Other resources that we offer include a Job Readiness Program, which advises students on matters such as people skills, resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, and business etiquette; a job board, which advertises employment postings and career exploration opportunities; career counseling appointments and consultations; and career fairs.

Sofia Internship Policy

Our three-pronged education approach of Academic, Professional and Personal Growth makes internship an integral part of our education. Students are required to apply their knowledge and skills in the real world for graduation. We encourage students to acquire first-hand professional experience as soon as possible. Foreign students need to apply for CPT before eligible to work outside of the campus. Please refer to the Work Authorization here.

There are on campus and external internships. Internships are available on campus, in the companies around Silicon Valley Bay Area, and other companies around the world for hybrid/distance learning students.

Companies looking for interns:

For companies who are looking for interns, please submit your intern requirements to

Students looking for jobs

On Campus Opportunities

Available for Domestic and International Students

  • Office Assistants
  • Clinic Internship for CCHW (once a year recruiting); Send us an email at,
  • Database Developers
  • Mobile/Wearable Application Developers
  • Video Editor
  • Marketing assistants
  • Office coordinators
  • Fellowship/RA

For more information or to apply for the jobs listed above, please send your CV to

External Companies

Sofia University does not endorse or warrant any product, service or notice listed in our professional announcements or job openings and assumes no liability regarding these products, services, and notices.

RAND Corporation
Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Study of Aging

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Policy Advisor

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Professor of Microeconomics

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Full Professor of Economics

  • Machine Leaning Software Developers in Mountain View, CA
  • Traineeships and Study Visits at the European Parliament - The European Parliament offers different traineeships within its Secretariat in order to contribute to the vocational training of young citizens, and to the understanding of the working of the institution. Registration for the October 2015 traineeship session is now open.
  • Traineeships in the European Commission - Gain hands-on experience working at an international and multicultural location. Trainees work at executive bodies and agencies of European Institutions such as the European External Action Service or Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. Your job duties vary, depending on your assigned service. Fields include competition law, human resources, and environmental policy. Registration for the October 2015 traineeship session is now open.