Sofia Receives Approval for Chinese Language MBA Program!

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October 16, 2017

The Sofia MBA program is offered in collaboration with Zijing Education of Tsinghua Holdings (THH Zijing). Sofia brings a tradition of excellence and depth as a school of psychology, and delivers courses in Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology.

THH Zijing delivers core business courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Operations, as well as courses in Finance, Investment Portfolio Management, Insurance Planning, and Tax Planning.

Through this program of study, students acquire a unique balance of hard and soft skills highly sought after in business, particularly in the field of finance. Sofia has been offering the MBA in English language since Fall 2016. Past students have valued the transformative courses in psychology, and the opportunity to develop deeper self-understanding, resilience, and skills to deal with work-life balance.

This is the first Sofia program to be offered 100% in the Chinese language, and it provides the opportunity for Chinese students to earn a fully accredited MBA degree from a university based in the United States. The residential and online delivery format is ideal for working professionals who might be unable to participate otherwise. Each year, students in the MBA program will have the opportunity to travel to Sofia University in Palo Alto, California for onsite learning intensives, interactive sessions, and networking experiences to broaden their international perspective.

About Sofia University

Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and offers Masters Degrees in Psychology, Business, and Computer Science, and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology. The WASC approval to deliver its MBA in Chinese language is a major milestone for the Sofia programs, and will offer Chinese students greater opportunities for participation.

Download the Press Release MBAO Program in China press release

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