Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Course Delivery

  • 100% Online

90 Units

Total Required Units

2 years

Average Time To Complete

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Completion is a one-of-a-kind program – the only entirely online program in which you can complete a BA in Psychology that’s specifically designed for students interested in careers in psychotherapy, counseling, and other professions involving the practical application of psychological knowledge. 
Our degree in psychology is transpersonal in orientation, and transformative in nature. Transpersonal psychology is a full-spectrum psychology that studies a continuum of human experience and behavior ranging from severe dysfunction, mental and emotional illness at one end, to what is generally considered “normal”, healthy behavior at the other end and various degrees of normal and maladjustment in between – and then goes beyond that by adding a serious interest in the imminent and transcendent dimensions of human experience: exceptional human functioning, experiences, performances and achievements, true genius, the nature and meaning of deep religious and mystical experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and how we might foster the fulfillment of our highest potentials as human beings.
Transpersonal psychologists work across disciplines and draw on insights from not only the various areas of psychology, but also the sciences of cognition, consciousness, and the paranormal; philosophy; social and cultural theory; integral health theories and practices; poetry, literature, and the arts; and, the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.
** This degree program is unfortunately not available for students needing an F1 Visa

Viable Career Paths

Following the completion of our program, students can work immediately in fields such as:
  • Case Management
  • Family Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1: Learners will demonstrate an understanding of the broad and general field of psychology.

Learning Outcome 2: Learners will demonstrate an understanding of the general principles/aspects of transpersonal psychology.

Learning Outcome 3: Learners will begin to conduct basic psychological research.

Learning Outcome 4: Learners will engage with their local community in a service project related to their study of psychology.

Learning Outcome 5: Learners will demonstrate skills in complex multi-modal communication including written, oral, technological, somatic, and creative ways of communicating.

Learning Outcome 6: Learners will develop foundational skills in interdisciplinary research design and methods.

Learning Outcome 7: Learners will identify and articulate personal core values and the relationship of those values to their learning process.

Learning Outcome 8: Learners will identify and articulate personal core values and the relationship of those values to their learning process.

This is an amazing program which offers students the stepping stones that propel us into worlds we may never have thought of entering. I am grateful for my professors and all they had to offer. This program and the knowledge I gained from it resulted in my creating, Adi Shaktee, as an oasis for healing and a platform which I intend using for my women’s movement. This program also gave birth to my first literary project and the publication of my first book of poetry called AWAKENING, which can be found at

– Nishi Jumna/ B.A. Alumna Class 14′



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