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Transformative education that prepares students to make a difference in their lives and their communities.

As the world’s first transpersonal university, Sofia has developed approaches to transformative teaching and learning that encourage personal growth, promote collaboration, and celebrate the unique qualities of transpersonal psychology as an academic research field. Students are empowered to apply transpersonal principles to active service in the world. 

At Sofia, MBA students are prepared to sharpen their analytical talents and critical thinking skills. Centered in the heart of Silicon Valley and connected worldwide, this program is designed to provide a transformational learning experience that will give students a powerful new perspective of business administration.

The Computer Science program at Sofia University provides students with a broad background in software development and other core disciplines of computer science, while allowing students to further their knowledge in foundational and applied topics. Learn technological skills with humanistic values in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Throughout the Academic Catalog, and in every class offered at Sofia University, you will see a consistent focus and an ongoing commitment to our transformative values. Our programs are designed to encourage the development of strong dialogical, analytical, clinical, technical, and critical thinking skills, and promote professional development and self-awareness.

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