“Love the world with compassion, and war and killing will stop.” 2017 Honorary Doctorate Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche

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November 21, 2017
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Love the world with compassion, and war and killing will stop

Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche (Jia Cuo)

In Buddhism, love is mercy. When we go to love the world with compassion, war and killing will stop,the families of war, children, their suffering will be lost, and our face will no longer be a world of unrest. When we love the environment, people will have a harmonious relationship with nature.” Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche (Jia Cuo) – 2017 Honorary Doctorate

Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche (Jia Cuo) has been nominated by the Board of Trustees for the Honorary Doctorate at Sofia University because of his contributions in the areas of spirituality and public service that are in alignment with the mission and values of Sofia University.

His Mission

“If there is only one concern on the road of samsara, it would be all the sentient beings.”

Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche’s greatest goal in life is to spread the Dharma and improve people’s lives. He is deeply committed to building a compassionate world by illuminating and encouraging the interconnections that unite us across differences of language, culture, religion, or worldview.  As a spiritual guide who straddles the temporal divide, integrating modern ideas and technology atop a foundation of traditional Buddhist wisdom, he has worked to create a model for teaching in this new era that spreads wisdom and purifies minds.

He is a deeply knowledgeable scholar and experienced educator, having dedicated many years of his life to spreading the teachings of the Buddha, promoting ethnic cultural revival and supporting education in remote rural areas. He is also a practitioner of environmental consciousness, spreading the message of environmental protection wherever he goes and setting an example of a positive, healthy society through his deeds.

Buddhism at Home

Gyatso Rinpoche takes a global perspectives as he faces the rapid advancement of society. He believes that in the past monasteries and monks were the main means of spreading Buddhist teaching, but in modern society, Buddhist teachings must reside and spread within everyday life. This led him to propose the concept of “Buddhism at Home.” This is an approach that aims to reshape the home in the image of Buddhism, turning homes into prayer rooms, places for personal cultivation.

He has also made use of the Internet to create the “Cloud Prayer Room” as a means for interaction that combines with “Buddhism at Home” to spread the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha to homes around the world through the mst precise and effective means.

His Work with Sofia University and the ITP Foundation

Gyatso Rinpoche has hosted four workshops on Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation at Sofia University. In 2015, the International Center for Mindfulness and Meditation was created between his CiAi Foundation and ITP Foundation to contribute to the goals of the Institute. In December 2016, the Center hosted a mindfulness and meditation workshop at Stanford, which attracted more than 200 people from the local community.

Author, Author

In 2014, Gyatso Rinpoche’s bookAll is According to the Best of Plans was published, quickly climbing high in the ranks of Amazon and Dangdang book sales. Since then, the book has become a kind of modern maxim to sooth the soul and encourage spiritual growth, the cultivation of an open mind, better acceptance of life changes and to willingness to listen with a calm heart.

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