Key Request

Key Policies and Procedures


To establish policy and procedures for the issuance and return of keys.


All keys are to be issued based upon job need criteria as established by individual department heads.

  • Job needs definition: Faculty members who are teaching outside of normal weekday business hours. Faculty members who are teaching on weekends.
  • Department heads: individual serving as managers, directors and program chairs.

All key requests require a signature of approval from the department head and the facilities coordinator. Grand Master keys require the additional signature of the President and Vice President. A copy of key request will be kept in individual’s HR file.


Obtain and complete a key request form with the required signatures for processing. Forms are available by email. Please send an email to

The requesting individual will be notified when they may pick up their keys. The recipient of key(s) issued is responsible to control the use of the key(s) and must be the one to sign for receipt of the keys at issuance.


All keys requests are listed and filed by the Facilities Department. Annually, a listing of keys will be provided to the Program Chair(s) or Director(s) or Manager(s) for an audit. Results of that audit will be returned to the Facilities Department and Human Resources Department for record corrections. Lost or missing keys will be handled according to Section 6.


When keys are no longer required for access to facilities, resulting from a change of job assignment on campus, moving your office, leaving school, or terminating employment, etc., keys must be returned to the Human Resources Office. This must be done on or before your last day of work. Faculty teaching on weekends will return the keys when quarter is finished.

Failure to return keys will result in:

Budget accounts will be charged for missing keys for individuals who neglect to turn them in.


When keys have been misplaced, a lost key report must be filed with the Facilities Department and Human Recourses. Theft or any other loss caused by failing to report lost or misplaced keys or not replacing cores or keys after they have been reported shall be the sole responsibility of the individual and their department. The re-coring of doors and replacement of keys requires a fee of $55/door and $2.00/key be assessed and paid by the key recipient.


Keys to campus facilities are the sole property of Sofia University and will be duplicated only by the Facilities Department. The unauthorized duplication of university keys and the use of keys for unauthorized access to university buildings are not permissible. These individual will be referred to their supervisor and Human Resources department.


Main doors to the university will be open at 8:00 a.m. Monday – Friday. They will be closed at 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Individuals will assume responsibility for turning off lights, locking of doors and closing windows in their assigned areas and buildings.


Key holders are not authorized to allow strangers or Non-Sofia University related people to enter the building after they have opened the door. Sofia University people include students; faculty, staff and others who are typically able to enter the building during normal working hours. These people are allowed in. Outsiders who are not affiliated with the university and have no valid reason for being there should not be allowed into the building. If you have questions about who is authorized to enter the building and who is not, please contact

Outside doors should not be propped open or left open and unattended. In the case of an emergency please call 911. For questions or concerns about people in the building please contact

Key Request (Rules & Conditions):

  1. Do not Duplicate Keys.
  2. Do not hand over to any unauthorized person.
  3. In case of loss of keys Report to the Facilities.
  4. Should Inform supervisor if opening door after school hours.

For Requesting keys

  1. Send ticket to facilities mentioning Name,Contact details,Room No,Reason.
  2. Supervisor & Facilities approval Required.
  3. Facilities will send key request form.
  4. Key will be issued after final approval from facilities Manager.