BA Completion Faculty

Our Program Chair

Steven J. Gold, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. – UC Santa Barbara
  • BA – UCLA

Research & Teaching Interests: Specializes in philosophy and organizational studies, disability theory, information technology, and ethics, law, and public policy.


  • “Birth of the Pain Clinic”. In Foucault, Governmentality and Management: Rethinking the Management of Populations, Individuals and Organizations. (Eds.) Eric Pezet, Alan McKinley, (Routledge Publishers: London, 2017)
  • Jeet Kune Do: The Principles of a Complete Fighter. H&L Press, 2001. 2nd Ed. 2017
  • “Wisdom in the Military Context”, with Zacher, Hannes; McKenna, Bernard; Rooney, David, Journal of Military Psychology, Vol 27(3), May 2015, 142-154.



Our Bachelor Completion Faculty

Dorote Lucc - Undergrad faculty

Dorote Weyers-Lucci, PhD



• Ph.D. – Sofia University
• MIM/MBA – Thunderbird University
• B.A. History – Providence College
• B.A. Modern Languages – Providence College

Licensures & Certifications

• CMCH – Master Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Complementary and Alternative (CAM) health practitioner
• Focusing – Focusing Institute
• Mindfulness – MBSR
• Compassion – CCARE Stanford
• Interpersonal Neurobiology – IPNB
• Geomancy – Hagia Chora, Germany
• Earth Sciences – Shamanic Studies

Research & Training

Integrative Psychology, Transpersonal and Contemplative research and education, Existential anxieties, Phenomenology, Oncological Psychology, Transcultural and cross-cultural research and facilitation, immersive transformative experiences both digital and non-digital, Media Psychology. Research and development of innovative communication methodologies for the improvement of wellbeing and quality of life. Mixed methods, organic research methodology, mysticism, esotericism, depth psychology.


• (Weyers) Lucci, D. (2020). Virtual Reality as a Tool for Mental Health and Conscious Living and Death: Immersive Contemplative Approaches to Existential Anxieties: In McCallum K., Morie J.F, Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media. IGI Publishing. (pp. 430-452)

• Transformative Technology, Meditation, and Quality of Life. September 9th.
Lucci D. (2017). Solutions in Virtual Reality for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. September 1st.