Can we find  a way to reconcile the differences between science and spirituality? Do we have souls that are immortal? Charles Tart has the answer.

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Charles Tart, Ph.D.

Biography: Dr. Charles Tart is internationally known for his psychological work on the nature of consciousness (particularly, altered states of consciousness), as one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology, and for his research in parapsychology. Charles studied electrical engineering at MIT before deciding to become a psychologist. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from the Universi­ty of North Carolina with research on influencing nighttime dreams by posthypnotic suggestions, and then received postdoctoral training in hypnosis research at Stanford.

He is a Professor Emeritus at Sofia University and Professor Emeritus of Psychology at University of California Davis. He consulted on the original remote viewing research at Stanford Research Institute, where some of his work was important in influencing government policy makers against the deployment of the multi-billion dollar MX missile system.

Charles has published more than 250 articles in professional journals, and many books. He has been a student of Aikido (in which he holds a black belt), meditation, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way work, and Buddhism. His primary goal is to build bridges between scientific and spiritual communities, and to help integrate Western and Eastern approaches for knowing the world and for personal and social growth.

His Full List of Publications Can be Found Here:

We have posted a review of his books “Mind Science” and “The End of Materialism” here.

“Mind Science: Meditation Training for Practical People.”

How can we find  a way to reconcile the differences between science and spirituality?

How can mindfulness be used as a tool to find what we believe to be true through direct experience?

Amazon Book Review: “A Book Lives up to it’s title.” What really separates this book from so many others out there is that it lives up to it’s title: Meditation Training for Practical People. Dr. Tart clearly knows not only the technique of the three forms of meditation he presents, but shares his own experience of the traps that we can fall into during the practice of same. This is really the only book that comes close to actually being at a “how to” meditation seminar. Again, highly recommended.

Kindle Edition Book Excerpt: This book is focused on giving the modern, Western reader, who is at least partially oriented toward scientific ways of thinking about things – that is, pretty much all of us – enough of a taste of basic methods of formal meditation practice and enhanced mindfulness in daily life to see what they are like and their advantages.


“The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal Is Bringing Science and Spirit Together”

What if we have souls that are immortal?

What if the foundation principle of the world is what we call love? And the happiness of each of us is in the long run, absolutely certain?


Amazon Review: “A Must Read. Science Unbiased.” Doctor Charles T. Tart has created a masterpiece with this book. Getting to read the description, straight from the source, of his now classic OBE experiment with Miss Z, is a must for anyone who intends to do serious research on the subject, and learn from his own considerations about it. The book also serves as the foundation for a better understanding of what the scientific method is supposed to be, clean and unbiased. He does a great job stating the difference between skepticism and pseudo-skepticism. Written in a very enjoyable style, one reads and learns through its pages effortlessly, while he lays down the limitations of the materialistic model when it comes to explaining phenomena that, while having sufficient empiric data behind to suggest where to look for alternative models, are still ignored or unaccepted by the current materialistic mainstream view of the world.

From a Kindle Edition Book Excerpt: “Seeking” is a word commonly associated with spiritual pursuits, but “science” and “scientist” are usually associated with a materialistic view of the universe in which there’s nothing real to the “spiritual,” so how could a scientist seek the spiritual? The Dalai Lama wrote “The view that all mental processes are necessarily physical processes is a metaphysical assumption, not a scientific fact”. This book is a scientific, rather than a scientistic, answer to the Dalai Lama’s questions. The difference between science and scientism, and the differing consequences of these approaches, will become clear as you read on.

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