Jill Mellick Creative Expression Award

About Dr. Jill Mellick

The award was established in honor of Professor Emerita Jill Mellick, Ph.D., a gifted artist, writer, educator and therapist whose work greatly influenced, and continues to influence, the role that creative expression plays in health, wellness and culture particularly in the fields of Transpersonal and Jungian psychology.

Dr. Mellick founded the creative expression program at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) and her philosophy is still integrated in the coursework today. She was also a founding member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA). Her dedication to creative process is exemplary and reflected in her generative life and many published works.

Nomination Information

Sofia University seeks nominations for the Jill Mellick Award to be presented to at least one Sofia student and/or alumnus each year who have demonstrated outstanding work in creative expression and/or creative process, which is offered beyond self.

The award winners must demonstrate through research, educational excellence, professional application, community service, creative innovation, or cultural outreach an understanding of creative expression and/or creative process and demonstrate how creativity can inform personal, professional or community growth and well-being; thus representing a contribution to beyond self.

Examples of outstanding work might include:

  • artwork in any medium
  • performance
  • photography
  • writing such as poetry or work of fiction
  • creative dream work
  • multi-media projects, research or workshops
  • client interventions using creative expression
  • documentation or work examples demonstrating utilization of creative expression in an under-represented field that is generative and forward thinking.

Important Instructions

Please read the criteria chart, listed below, prior to making a nomination.

To be considered for the Jill Mellick Creative Expression Award, a nomination for this award must be received by the Creative Expression Certificate Director (CEC) by April 1st of each year. A nomination is made by completing this document and sending it to

Faculty, Student, Alumni and self nominations are allowed. The award decision will be made by May 15th of each year. The certificate award will be presented at Sofia’s June graduation ceremony (although recipient need not be present).

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Dr. Jill Mellick was a prolific author. We have provided a list of her publications below.
Books and Articles
  • The Worlds of P’otsunu, with Jeanne Shutes, “Phoebe,” Journal of Feminist Studies, Autumn, 1990. Volume 16, No. 3
  • It's a Crazy Mixed Up World: A Creative Writing Book Second Edition, William Brooks and Company, Australia, 1977
  • Six Voices: A Guide to Modern Poetry. Intertext, Australia, 1974
  • A Guide to Spanish Poetry. Intext, London, 1973
  • The Little Prince: A Guide. Intertext, Australia, 1973
  • It's a Crazy Mixed Up World: A Creative Writing Book. First edition, William Brooks and Company, Australia, 1971
  • Makar (Ed) The Literary Magazine of the University of Queensland (ed), 1969
  • “Sunstone Review” Sunstone Press, New Mexico
  • “Bay Review” Berkeley, California
  • “Makar” University of Queensland Press, Multiple Volumes, 1960-1965
  • “Phoebe” Feminist Studies, Autumn 1990, Vol. 16, No. 3, SUNY, New York.
Commissioned writing
  • Developmental Editor and Researcher for Stephanie Brown, ( Director, Stanford Alcoholism Clinic.) Treating the Alcoholic: A Developmental Model of Recovery Wiley Interscience, 1985
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Boorstein (ed), Science and Behavior Books, Palo Alto. Commissioned by SBB and Boorstein as author of introductions to all sections and individual chapters; in-depth editor of each paper, 1980
  • "Living-In with Normal Families," Family Process. Commissioned by Jules Riskin, M. D. and Virginia Satir to write paper out of research work completed but published posthumously for Connie Hansen of Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA, 1980
  • Decisions for Health Co-author with Bruess, et al. Contributing author and in-depth editor. A comprehensive health education text for college students majoring in physical education, physical therapy, and mental health programs. Wadsworth Publishing Company, Belmont, CA, 1983
  • Instructor's Guide, Economics w. Donald Chaffee, Ph. D. For Science Research Associated to write the instructor's guide for the text by McDougall and Quirk: Economics, 1979
  • Instructor's Guide, Organization Theory and Design with Patrick Connor. For Science Research Associates to write the guide for the text by Connor: Organizations: Theory and Design, 1979
  • Instructor's Guide, Economics. Guide for Economics, Haworth/Rasmussen, Science Research Associatesm, 1978
Commissioned music
  • “Emily Dickinson and the Demon Lover” with Marion Woodman, Sounds True, 1977