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MS in Computer Science Student, Class of 2021

“Sofia’s unique “whole computing” program exposes students to all facets of computers and will prepare me to pursue the most challenging careers in data science, information technology, and engineering industries in Silicon Valley.

The Data Scientist internship requires students to become familiar with Python, Java, Bash Script, SQL, and basic machine learning algorithms. I took Prof. Ted Sun’s Shell and Python Scripting Languages in my graduate program at Sofia and found them to be quite useful in my work.

For example, the course covered the following topics: how to create class and method in Python, inheritance and object-oriented programing, and how to import different kinds of libraries into Python. Prof. Sun also taught some useful Python frameworks for automating the creation of models, from data extraction up to delivery.”

MBA Student, Class of 2021

“I’ve learned a lot of new things which can help me to improve my researching, writing, and analyzing skill set. As a result, I can become a better problem solver and more easily tackle complex projects. By earning a graduate degree from Sofia University, I continue to expand upon a wealth of knowledge, preparing myself for a life of constant learning.”

PhD in Transpersonal Psychology Student, Class of 2023

“When choosing Sofia, I was unsure what to expect for both Transpersonal program (there are so few schools that offer it!), and a mostly online program. So far, I’m impressed with both of these aspects and feel so grateful to have made the choice to attend Sofia. Despite it being mostly online, I feel very connected to my professors and course mates which is highly important to me. This connection has partially fostered my motivation within the online structure were typically online, independent learning can be challenging. I was nervous about the execution of online learning, but I believe Sofia has mastered it. I appreciate the experiences of the faculty and feel as though I have much to learn from them. I feel challenged to explore in-depth the Transpersonal field, to contribute to it, and to discover how its transformative elements can further impact my life.”

Alumnus, PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Class of 2016

“Having an accredited PhD opens many doors, period! Often is more the fact that you have a PhD more so the exact subject of your doctorate. So, I am super happy that my PhD is in what I wanted it in and a journey I absolutely loved.”

Alumnus, MA in Counseling Psychology, Class of 2015

“It’s been a complete 180 in terms of my career prospects. I am confident that my knowledge and skill set sets me apart from traditionally trained therapists. I feel more human and connected with my clients in a meaningful, healing way. I attribute much of my growth to the experiential learning offered at Sofia.”