Certificate in Spiritual Psychology

Certificate in Spiritual Psychology

The Certificate in Spiritual Psychology is a 3-6 quarter, 19 unit program that allows qualified students to enhance their knowledge of spiritual psychology and blend it into their existing professional circumstances.

The Certificate in Spiritual Psychology:

  • Provides a general background in the theories and practices of spiritual psychology.
  • Provides opportunities for students to cultivate and practice transpersonal qualities in the outer world.
  • Prepares students to apply theories, principles and practices of spiritual psychology in their professional lives.
  • Guides students to deepen and build upon their understanding of spiritual psychology.
  • Provides experiences for students to embody their learning about spiritual psychology using multiple ways of knowing.
  • Encourages students to appreciate and embrace world wisdom approaches, diversity, and ecological consciousness within the field of spiritual psychology.
  • Supports students’ journey toward professional leadership in spiritual psychology in service to the broader community.

Admissions Requirements: Students must go through a formal admissions process. Eligible students may apply for advancement into the Global Master’s Program upon completion of the Certificate. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

Course Requirements – 19 Total units

  • Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan (3.0)
  • Self-Cultivation (3.0)
  • Ways of Knowing (3.0)
  • Spiritual Practice Class: Choose One (3.0)
    • Eco-Spirituality
    • Contemplative Mind
    • Transpersonal Approaches to Dreams and Dreaming
  • Professional Specialization Practicum I & II (3.0)
  • Elective Choice: (3.0)
    • Transpersonal Approaches to Dreams and Dreaming
    • Creative and Conscious Aging
    • Ecopsychology
    • Sustainability, Culture, and Sacred Ecology
  • Showcase Portfolio (1.0)

Certificate Awarded: Upon completion of the coaching assessment, students receive a Certificate in Spiritual Psychology