Global Ph.D. in Psychology and Global MATP Seminars

Why Attend The Seminar? Successful completion of the seminar is a prerequisite for entering the first year of study in the master degree program as well as the Certificate in Transpersonal Studies program because courses begin at the seminar. In addition, attendance at the seminars provides students with opportunities to get to know classmates, faculty and staff, and to learn about key aspects of the program. Presentations by transpersonal speakers are interspersed with meditation, movement, body awareness processes, group interaction, creative expression, and ritual. Seminars take place at retreat centers in Northern California as we find these environments deeply representative of our transpersonal education.


Dates: Monday, March 26, 2018 - Saturday, March 31,2018.. Ends March 30th at 4:00.

Location: Vallombrosa Retreat Center Menlo Park, CA


THEME Grounding in Times of Chaos: Giving Voice in an Emerging Worldview

Time and again in my life, contrary to all wise counsels, I have allowed myself to be guided by the inner voice - often with spectacular success.  Mahatma Gandhi

How do we create an emerging worldview that affirms respectful ways of being with one another? How do we give voice to our collective and authentic selves? Gandhi invites us to find and then be guided by our inner voice, that voice that supports life through intention, clarity, and action.

This seminar focuses on the multiple ways that we express emerging worldviews. Kay Kleinerman will help us to find our voice through singing so that we can transcend fear, access our personal power, and bring this into our daily lives.

Our keynote speaker, Shaykh Yassir Chadly, will guide us in Sufi practices that open our hearts and bring us to greater clarity about our connection with one another. We will also explore our dreams, contemplative minds, and together, as a community, affirm a vision where all voices are heard and respected with dignity.

Come to the seminar meet your classmates, faculty, and staff who contribute  to the ITP/Sofia community and its ideals.  Experience what makes Sofia a unique place where the epistemologies of our hearts and intellect are embraced, embodied, and held with equal importance.

About the Speakers

Shaykh Yassir Chadly: Surfing  The Waves to the Divine

Shaykh Yassir Chadly will introduce us to Sufi practices that open our hearts to the Divine and guide us through experiences of Dhikr, movement, Storytelling and music. We will reflect on these devotional practices and experience a greater connection to the All. Ultimately we will learn about love and respect and leave with an expanded sense of being.


Yassir Chadly a native of Morocco and a descendant of the Shadilya Sufi Order was the imam of the Masjid Al-Iman, a multi-ethnic mosque in Oakland from 1991 to 2016. He is currently an associate professor at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley where he has taught Islamic and Sufi studies since 1993, and has taught classes at the California Institute for Integral Studies and The Zazen Center in Berkeley. His message of tolerance, Peace and understanding among religions and peoples is the hallmark of all his lectures and performances.

In addition to his academic career he is also an accomplished Moroccan musician, composer, storyteller and Lecturer who has appeared at Carnegie Hall with Cuban jazz musician Omar Sosa and the Davies Symphony Hall with Philip Glass in San Francisco.

He has also composed and performed for Lines Ballet and The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. His CD of Moroccan music is entitled Asheeq Zeen.

Kay Kleinerman, Ed.D.Evolution of Being Through Singing: A Community Voice Experience

In  this workshop, Kay will  help you discover the power of your authentic voice.  In an interactive learning experience, you'll realize new aspects of your voice that will change the way you think about it, and expand your ability to use it in every area of your life.  You’ll develop an awareness of and freedom with your voice that will foster personal discovery, self-knowledge, self-assurance, and a sense of your own unique vocal strength and capability.  This fun and engaging process includes breath and body relaxation work, movement, drawing, acting exercises, journaling, partner and group discussion, and singing.  

About Kay Kleinerman, Ed.D. is a voice expert, teacher/coach, researcher, and writer whose innovative work uses singing to empower people in ways that transform their lives through voice.  She specializes in helping others find, develop and fully use their authentic, individual voices to transcend fears and access their personal sense of self-efficacy.