Building Resilience through Heart Practices

A Virtual Four Part Series

Living resiliently goes beyond bouncing back from the misfortune and trauma, it is about living awake with an open heart.


We understand that staying resilient during this period of forced physical isolation, increased stress and anxiety, and uncertainty is no easy feat.  We are proud to host another great series that stays true to our transformative, transpersonal values by providing tools that enable us to tap into the fullness of our human capacity.

Building Resilience is a four-week series that will explore key teachings and practices that build our capacity to live with an awake and open heart leading to increased resiliency. Join us every Wednesday, beginning May 6th through May 27th, as we delve deeper into the four heart practices. 


Mindfulness, as taught in the Buddhist tradition, provides us a path for increasing our wisdom, love, and most importantly, our resilience. It is often described as being like the wings of a bird: one wing being mindfulness itself and the other being heart. 

The four heart practices of lovingkindness, compassion, spontaneous joy, and equanimity are described in ancient texts as being the four faces of love which help to build our strength, courage, balance, and capacity for love. Each of these practices works together to increase resilience allowing us to face whatever happens in our lives and the world around us. 


Each meeting will build on what’s been explored and practiced in previous meetings, so we do encourage you to view previous recordings to ensure you’re caught up. 

  • Time: 4 - 5 pm PDT
  • Date: Every Wednesday, May 6 - May 27
  • Location: Online, via Zoom
  • Registration: Unfortunately, we've reached capacity for this event. We encourage you to check out other virtual events taking place this month.

Week 1

Week 1 - Lovingkindness

Week 2

Week 3

Week 3 - Spontaneous Joy

Week 4

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