Sofia Receives Approval for Chinese Language MBA Program!

The Sofia MBA program is offered in collaboration with Zijing Education of Tsinghua Holdings (THH Zijing). Sofia University is WASC accredited and brings a tradition of excellence and depth. The school of psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), offers 41+ years of transformative, transpersonal education, delivering courses in Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology.

THH Zijing delivers core business courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Operations, as well as courses in Finance, Investment Portfolio Management, Insurance Planning, and Tax Planning

Under the Sofia University and Zijing Education of Tsinghua Holdings cooperation and effort together, the online MBA through online learning provides a perfect opportunity for our students to become managers and leaders with international perspectives. Read more about this collaboration here. Download the letter. MBA Online Letter

Project Overview:
  • Term: 48 – 54 credits for two years, flexible learning schedule, and up to no more than 5 years.
  • Modality: online learning course content, with onsite intensive learning, interactive seminars, and oversea travel-study networking experience.
  • Visiting: Two times to visit Sofia University and Silicon Valley.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Career advancement: training hard core + soft skills.
  • Elite network: networking elites from financial industrials + high net worth personals.
  • Degree: MBA degree from Sofia University + Tsinghua Wudaokou Zijing education certificate.
  • Broaden vision: China practice + international perspective.


索菲亚大学与清华控股旗下紫荆教育合作,倾力打造、联合设计的在线MBA,通过在线学习,共同培养具有国际化视野的复合型管理人才。 项目概况:
  • 学制:学制两年,学分制管理,弹性学习年限,最长不超过5年。
  • 在线:在线学习课程内容,配合以充分的线下学习交流、互动研讨,助力金融人脉搭建。
  • 访学:学制内两次亲临美国索菲亚大学和硅谷访学
  • 职业提升:培养硬技能+软实力
  • 精英人脉:结交金融同行+高净值人群
  • 获得学位:美国索菲亚大学MBA学位证书+清华控股旗下紫荆教育结业证书
  • 开拓眼界:中国实践+国际视野