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The Professional Drone Program will teach professional unmanned aircraft skills to students including aeronautics and aviation design, precision piloting of unmanned aircraft of various sizes, the business of unmanned aviation, unmanned aircraft use and applications, unmanned aviation safety and security, as well as the various legal and ethical issues of integrating unmanned aircraft into the national airspace.

The program includes all equipment and learning materials including safety equipment and several models of drones that the student can keep.

The Professional Drone Program is designed for high school students age 14 years and older.

Program Details

An 8 Month College Credit Program at Sofia University for High School Students that Will Teach:

  • Professional Aeronautics
  • Precision Unmanned Aircraft Flying
  • Unmanned Aircraft Law
  • Unmanned Aircraft Design
  • Unmanned Aircraft Applications
  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Security
  • Aviation Human Factors

Classes Held at Sofia University-  Each Month for 8 Months on Saturdays starting January 2015
1 PM to 5 PM
Taught by Donna A. Dulo, Ph.D. (c), JD, a national authority on drone law and technology and each session will have at least 2 assistant instructors/safety observers.

Tuition: $2,000.00

College Credit: 3 Credit Hours

Scholarships are available, please contact the University for details!

For Program Information and Registration Please Contact: Barbara Hecker at: (650) 493-4430

For Class Content Information Contact: Dr. Donna Dulo at:

Class Schedule

Each class session will be divided into 2 parts: The first 2 hours will be academic lectures and the second 2 hours will be aircraft orientation and flight training.

Session 1

Topics: Introduction to unmanned aircraft; Safety; Introduction to aerodynamics. Flight Training: The Aerosphere.

Session 2

Topics: Aerodynamics of fixed wing and rotorcraft; Aviation Human Factors; unmanned aircraft design. Flight Training: The Aerosphere.

Session 3

Topics: Quadrotor aerodynamics, advanced safety; radio communications and control; quad rotorcraft design. Flight Training: The Hubsan x4

Session 4

Topics: Advanced aerodynamics and aircraft design; applications of unmanned aircraft . Flight Training: Precision quad rotor flying with the Hubsan x4

Session 5

Topics: Aeronautical Safety in the national airspace; Advanced human factors; unmanned aircraft law. Flight Training: Formation flying of the Hubsan x4

Session 6

Topics: Unmanned aviation law; Advanced design concepts; Drone communications and communication law. Flight Training: The UDI Quad Drone

Session 7

Topics: Advanced aerodynamics and precision rotorcraft operations; Unmanned aircraft security and law. Flight Training: Precision flying the UDI

Session 8

All session flight training; Student precision drone flying competition.