We are dedicated to highlighting, supporting and celebrating the diversity of our students, staff and faculty at Sofia University. Our community has a deep commitment to developing and maintaining an environment where all members of the community are valued and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, religion, age, physical ability, medical condition, or political orientation.

Diversity at Sofia University is supported on multiple levels by committed action. For example, faculty must demonstrate highly developed awareness and skills in diversity/cultural competency. We routinely provide training, either on campus or through participation in off-site training programs and workshops for faculty, students, and staff. We have also initiated a major project designed to facilitate the inclusion of literature representing diverse perspectives into our courses and to ensure that diversity issues are explicitly addressed in course work.

We also have a team that is dedicated to raising awareness of and celebrating diversity here at Sofia. The Committee on Diversity and Equity (CODE) is a cross-constituency diversity-focused advisory and support committee consisting of students, staff, and faculty. CODE is dedicated to mobilizing Sofia’s community (staff, faculty, students, and board of trustees) to create a culture that supports all the diversities within Sofia and works to ensure equity within each of the sub-communities as well as in the whole community – especially as related to those diversities. The team does this through acting as sponsors for events, dialoging with the administration about diversity matters, and working on strategic projects. The team meets every two weeks during the on-campus academic year and new members are welcome.

For more information about diversity at Sofia or the work of CODE, please email us at diversity@sofia.edu.