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The Sofia University Library has a variety of virtual and physical resources reflecting a commitment to quality academic instruction and excellence in research. Sofia students, faculty and staff have access to online scholarly materials, including articles, books and dissertations, as well as print and audio-visual items in the library. With a professional staff, the library prides itself on helping with all research needs in a friendly, supportive environment.

The library contains approximately 17,000 books, hundreds of CDs and DVDs, 170 journal titles in print form, 7,000 online journals, more than 120,000 e-books, 400 dissertations completed at the school, and 80 master’s theses. The strength of the collection is in the six major areas of the university’s curriculum: transpersonal theory and research, spiritual psychology, emotional and clinical psychology, bodywork disciplines, expressive arts, and the social aspects of the transpersonal. Computers for student use, access to online research databases, and the ability to obtain additional research materials from other libraries are also available.

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Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 7: 00 PM
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*We will have special open hours on selected Sundays by program request. Please contact the library at refdesk@sofia.edu for details.

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